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Animal Spirits Case Studies

Animal spirits are not unusual; they were first discovered with a client that had spent most of her life taking care of injured birds; This client suffered from years of shoulder problems, and had been to many practitioners for assistance without results.

The client’s spirit indicated that the cause went back to 3 years old, and the emotion was sad--As the client accessed back in time to 3 years old she was reliving an event being by a tree with a five-year-old boy and a baby bird was on the ground besides the tree. The five-year-old boy stomped on he baby bird, and when asked, “How that made her feel”? the client stated! “sad”.

I then asked spirit, “How else did that make you feel”?

The next moment out of the body came “They broke my wing; they broke my wing, why did he brake my wing!" At the same time, the client has grabbed her shoulder, which she described was in agonizing pain.

After years of research I knew when another force was speaking out of the body so I asked spirit:"Did the spirit of the bird enter this body? The spirit answered, yes!

I then called up the spirit of the bird and enfolded space /time back to that moment in time and had the spirit of the bird relive and change that dimension of time, for the next parallel so that event doesn't exist in the future-- all things happening now--have happened before--and all things happening now--will happen in the next future cycle of time.

The pain belonged to the spirit of the bird, and not to the client. The spirit of the bird stated, as it spoke out of the client’s mouth, that she [at the age of three] took pity on the bird when the boy stomped on it, so the spirit of the bird decided to move into her body.

Once space/time was enfolded upon that dimension and the spirit of the bird was released the pain that the client had in her shoulder, all her life instantly disappeared.

I have discovered that at times, the spirit of an animal, the spirit of a human or other dimensional form can manifest through into the physical body over time, also they can manipulate the body into doing things that the body may not want to be doing.

This can be easily cleared with Holographic Kinetics.

After years of research and thousands of cases later, it still amazes me with some of the things I have been shown--especially within the physical features of people with spirits and entities within their bodies.

This client was built like an ox, he was a huge man and wanted to look at an issue;

The clients spirit indicated that this issue went back to the age of four when he was on a farm with his dad and his dad shot the bull .

As a four year old, he felt sorry for the bull that his dad had shot-- that was enough to lower his defenses and allow the spirit of the bull to enter.

I had the spirit of a bull surface in the body, change that trauma and dimension from occurring in its future and it was released.

Like many others the spirit of the bull had taken on form in the mans body and he had grown up as strong as an ox [as a figure of speech] I have also found that the clients problem can belong to another spirit that may have entered them and not their problem at all!

The mother bought her son along in desperation, he was booked in and due for an eye operation over the next two weeks, he had perfect eye site prior to 13 then started to lose his eye site, and was blind by the time he was eighteen.

I asked for permission from both him and his spirit, to access the cause of what created the blindness and as we started to access the cause it went like this: The spirit speaking out of the body states! "I am a Cheetah and I am walking through long grass, I get a grass seed in my eye and I can't get it out of my eye and eventually it sprouts and my eye pains me and I can't see to hunt, so I lie down and die."

I then asked the clients spirit, "what age was this activated in this life"? and the clients spirit stated,  "at the age of thirteen"

I then asked what happened at thirteen, to activate this "sleeper".states, " I was smoking dope and the smoke got in my eye and started to irritate my eye and it just got worst".

At that time I new very little about removing animal or human spirits, as they were different from entities and other forces. With a human or animal spirit there is what is known as reciprocal exchange of energy, what that means is that is you kill an animal or a Human then you have destroyed its vehicle [body] and under the laws of LORE it has a right to take over your vehicle [body]. this can be asleep for thousands of years and an incident or emotion can open the wormhole to that dimensions of time, which now becomes active in present day.

Due to the large amount of steroids the doctors had him on, to stop his eyes weeping and the distance of 2,500 kilometers away, I would have liked to have done a number of sessions on him and was unable, therefore I could not follow up with him.

It wasn't until a year later that I realized that animal spirits could manifest their issues by morphing with their host and I realized that the eye issue may not even belong to him as it possibly belongs to the spirit of the cheetah and for some reason he has taken it on.

One of my students came to me and said, ”you not going to believe what I am about to tell you” My comment was, “try me”, as nothing surprises me ant more!

The student was working on a client and up came the spirit of a crab, it came in when he was on a fishing boat with his dad at the age of three, he started to come up onto the deck, it was rough and his father said, “get back down stairs” and pushed him--he fell down on the floor and was laying there crying-- there was a crab also lying on the floor, it was dying and as his defenses were down, the spirit of the crab entered him. 

After clearing the client and not thinking anymore of it until two weeks later, when the client rang and asked if he would come out to his house and work on his son. The student told me he nearly fell over backwards when he walked into the house to work on the client’s son.

The client’s son came out and he never had any toes he only had flat flipper type feet and no normal fingers only what appeared to be two pinchers like a thumb and little finger, together like nippers, it appeared that the spirit of the crab had morphed into his body with his spirit at conception, this had then followed on into his physical form.

I am finding more and more that the problem may not belong to the client but to some other spirit that has entered the body, usually back in time.

This client was sent from another practitioner and was suffering from Bi Polar and also had voices in the head, there were a number of areas this client wanted to look at and one was his weight.  

When I went to have his spirit access the cause of his weight and sent him back to he cause and out of him came the words "crocodile", I asked can you repeat that and again it said "crocodile." I then asked “am I speaking to the spirit of a crocodile” the spirit talking out of the body said, “yes”.

By understanding reciprocal exchange of energy may have taken place I asked was this man responsible for your death and the spirit of the crocodile stated, “No” "I was killed by another crocodile, I need to eat, I need to eat," it stated.

I then asked, “Is the spirit of the crocodile that killed you there” and it stated, “Yes”. I then called the spirit of that crocodile up and asked how did you die, and it stated "that he the client killed him in the past".

What had happened was the crocodile had killed the other crocodile and the client of the past had killed that crocodile and both were in his field.So I enfolded space time for both the crocodile spirits changing their trauma and their deaths from that moment in time from occurring, in the cycle of the future parallel. 

As I looked from the head down I had a chuckle to myself as the man on the table was lying there on his back and looked just like a big crocodile lying there as metamorphous had taken place, and this was the main reason for his weight, as the crocodile ‘s last moment at death, creating its trauma, was, I have to eat, I have to eat, this being its last trauma at the moment of death, it was still stuck in that moment of time in the field of the other crocodile that was in the field of the client.

As reciprocal exchange of energy can take place if you are responsible for the death of a human or animal before its time without its permission, then that spirit has a right under laws of LORE to take over that body that was responsible for its death. 

Metamorphous has been known for thousands of years but no one has understood how it could exist until Holographic Kinetics came along, with the ability to access and communicate to these spirits that are trapped in the field of another, as we can bring them to the surface and they can talk out of the body of the client.  Apart from the crocodile spirits, I also removed a number of other forces that were interfering with this man creating the Bipolar and the voices.

A friend of mine was worried over her eleven-year-old daughter, as she had been suffering for years with a rash that would flare up and become quite itchy and they didn’t know why? She asked if I could assist to find the cause of this effect.

After agreeing the girls spirit indicated the cause was at the age of seven, and the girl started to relive been at a birthday party and went to a tourist park. There were animals tied up and in compounds and this made her feel sad over the animals been in cages. The next moment the girl is reliving a past life at a birthday party and her friend was given a dog for a birthday present. After a short time, the dog escaped and was found by the pound and was killed, by them. This triggered off anger and sadness and felt sorry for the dog.

I then asked," When was the first activation of this sleeper and its reactors?" The spirit indicated three years of age.

'What happened at three years of age?' I asked. The next thing the girl states, “ We moved into a new house and we had a dog she was old and she use to itch all the time, because she had lots of flees and eczema and we couldn’t take her with us so they had to put her down, I loved her she was my dog, I didn’t want her to leave!”

I then asked her spirit, "had the spirit of the dog entered this body " her spirit indicated, “yes.” I then called the spirit of the dog up and had both the spirit of the dog and the spirit of the child, break all agreements that were entrapping the spirit of the dog within the field of the child. I then had the dog spirit released.

This was interesting as a universal law had been activated known as the reciprocal exchange of energy, when something is killed before its time it has the rights to take over the body of he that person responsible for cutting short its life, but as the child was feeling pity for the dog and didn’t want it to leave it moved into the Childs body.

When she was three years old. As the spirit of the dog died with the memory of eczema and fleas the spirit still had the itch which was re-enacting through the body of the child.

The Rash the child had didn’t belong to her, it belonged to the spirit of the dog that was within her.
Mother verified the rash started at 3 yrs old & all that the child remembered, had occurred.

Two years later and the rash still has not reappeared.

The parent bought along their son as he had a compulsive disorder that would come on around dusk [in the evening, around sunset.] and some times early in the mornings.

His problem is he had to walk around and touch certain trees and rocks on their property and it was obvious that the compulsion was taking over. It seemed their young son had no control anymore and he didn’t know why he did what he was doing. 

The parents had taken their son to the doctor who advised them to see a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist stated that their son was bordering on turrets' syndrome and compulsive disorder and wanted him to be admitted so they could use drugs and monitor his progress. The parents stated "NO" we are going to take him across the border to a practitioner in Queensland that maybe able to help.

A good choice!

When they arrived, I asked his spirit of their son, "at what age was this set up"- His Spirit indicated that the age was 8 years. 

I had his spirit enfold space time back to that moment of creation--the young lad relives being on a mountain with his dad and performing a ritual and calling in his spirit totem, when I asked, “what was your spirit totem that was called in", he said "the spirit of the kangaroo".

Well what a coincident when do kangaroos become active, “In the evening and early mornings” I then asked his spirit, “do we have the spirit of a kangaroo trapped in the field of this being” and it stated, “YES “

I then called up the spirt of the Kangaroo, and asked,"why did you invade this body?" The spirit of the kangaroo, speaking out of the boys body stated, "he called me in." I then went back and had the youth enfold space time upon that dimension of time and replace that moment of time so he calls nothing in and I then had him released the spirit of the kangaroo.

The parents later stated that the compulsive disorder disappeared from that moment on.

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