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Spirit, Entity Takeover


we have trained over 1000 students from over 40 countries how to clear inter-dimensional interference, this is a reality, human bodies can be taken over by a whole range of other forces, entities ( internal and external), spirits (human or animal Spirits) Reptilian, Draconian, and a huge range of other forces, from many separate dimensions,  WE have trained psychologist , psychiatrists , University professors, Doctors, alternative practitioners, I have been into high security prisons for the mentally insane and worked on some of the most violent men within the prison system and turned them around in one session. Our main stream needs to understand dimension of reality and how to  clear them, as more forces are coming through on, mass as we come to the end of this cycles. this is also the issue with many suffering soldiers, as we have  a 90% success rate with turning P.T.S.D. in Soldiers around. below is one case of a multiple.


This client had been under psychiatric treatment for over 15 years and was classified as multiple personalities. This client was bought along by a friend, that at the time was learning psychology, he was a German and had a mind set, “of this is what we have been taught and therefore this is what exists”, anything outside the square did not compute, it was out of his reality, this shattered his soul reality of only an external physical world, I think his belief system was traumatized and still is, by what he observed.



What took place with this client was her spirit indicated that the cause of this was at the age of fifteen, I then had her spirit take her back to that event and she was walking through a park, the next moment she is screaming at the top of her voice as she relives a man jumps out and attacks her.

The client's spirit stated, “I didn't want to be hear, so I jumped out of the body”



With that many other forces had moved in and it was a battle and half on a daily basis as to, who was going to run the body in that moment of time and as they all had separate experiences that they wanted to experience. -- On a daily basis they would nearly all surface at different times for their own experience. Sometimes only for 30 sec and another would take over, sometimes one would be in control for nearly half an hour, then another would take over.

I asked the spirit,” how many invaders do you have in their”?

The clients Spirit commented, “360 different ones”.



I then commented that we have to go back to that dimension of time and change that dimension from ever occurring for the future cycles of time, and remove all these invaders, as this is your body and yours only.

The clients Spirit stated “NO, I'm not going there,” I don't care who has this body, I'm not going back and that it”.



I then explained to the client and her Spirit, that if you don't go back and change that dimension of time, then it is still active and will cycle through time and set itself up again in the next parallel dimension of time.

The client's spirit commented, “I don't care I'm not going there I don't care who has this body, I don't want it and that's that”



With that I acknowledged the request of that spirit, and left it at that, although I could have overridden her spirit and removed all the invaders, but five minutes later she could have let them back in and possible more aggressive powerful ones could have taken over, I won't violate LORE.

What I have found is that every thing is alive, even our thoughts and each living creation seeks survival, within its own dimension of time, one dimension can transcend another dimension through time and just like the Fibonacci math's, the spirit brings through action [past ], we react [present] setting up the cycles of similarity for the future, No man can escape the cycles of time!

Over the years I have accessed a number of walk-ins I have found it very interesting how they gain access; most seem to be opportunists waiting around for the spirit of that person to relinquish control. Below are some examples.

This client had three spirits in him and at times anyone of the three would take over, this is mostly what is created as multiple personalities.



What had taken place to allow this to occur was this client was at a major yacht race and he had been drinking and fell off the jetty into the water and drowned, by the time they pulled him out and resuscitated him, another three spirits that were earth bound and didn't have a body, took this opportunity to jump in and take over, when his spirit came back in, it know had three other hitchhikers in there with it.

Another time I had a client that that went back to seven years old and she was in the hospital having her appendix removed and while she was under the anesthetic this spirit entered when I called it up and asked why did you invade this being it stated,” She was young and vulnerable, and I needed a body so I decided to take hers.” As I was releasing this Spirit it said, “tell her thanks I have had a good time.”



Another client knew she had another spirit or entity in there and wanted to find out what was going on, so on asking her spirit, it said the age of this invading took place at the age of seven, I then had it take the client back to that age and this is what took place.

The Client was on a boat with her parents, when she fell overboard and the spirit stated, “That as she drowned and it left the body another spirit stepped in.”



When she was revived this other spirit came back with her and her original spirit stated that it didn't mind as it didn't want to go back as it liked to be free. As it was an invader and the client wanted to know what was going on, I started the removal process and this spirit yelling out of her body stated, “If you take me out I'll die, if you take me out I'll die”! With that the client jumped the body off the massage table and said “leave it leave it, it can stay”!

With that, one must respect the rights of the being, I will not violate LORE and remove anything without permission on all levels of dimensions of the being and so to this day, it is still with her, it does have an effect as it likes its alcohol, as the alcohol allows it more control and eventually I have found that these spirits and other forces can morph the features of the being into their physical form.



Another time I had a client that drowned at a beach and was resuscitated and again while the spirit had departed through the downing, another spirit had taken that opportunity to step in.

There seems to be a universal law, that if you step out of your body then you relinquish control, then others forces may take your vehicle [body]. I have found this similar event on many occasions.

This client came to do the course on Holographic Kinetics. He was a doctor and had previously come as he had a neck problem that he couldn't fix. I had him go into the cause of the effect and clear the problem. As a doctor he was very analytical, and as I shared some of the unusual cases with him, he found it hard to comprehend that some of what I was saying was real--as this was out of his known created reality.



He rang me one day and had a friend that was on anti-depressants and wanted to know if I could help her? My comment was, “I don't see why not!” Six weeks after his friend had been and I had her clear her created imbalance over why she had set-up the depression, the doctor rang and said that his friend was a changed person; she had not taken any anti-depressants from that day, and that he was now very interested in doing my course as he would like to know more.

When he came to do the course, he was totally left brain--all analytical, and still skeptical--until he saw a case with his own eyes, of a major entity surfacing, thrashing and screaming within a small lady that couldn't sit or lay down because of the extreme pain she was in. He had looked at her and saw the swelling and tested the pain that she was in. He felt that she needed surgery to relieve her of the pain, until we removed this inter-dimensional invader and he re-examined her and could not believe the physical changes that had just taken place.

As he went through the course, he was on the table and I asked, “What is it that you want to look at?” He stated that, for the last six years, he has been drained and doesn't know why.

His spirit indicated that the emotion linking this effect was spiritual and it occurred at the age of twenty-six. As the internal crystal of that created dimension known as time was activated, he was back at a car accident; he was a rescue fireman and he was pulling the body of an eighteen-year-old male out of a bad car accident. I asked, “How did you feel?” He commented, “I felt sad.” Then a mighty scream came out of him, “NO, NO, I'M ONLY EIGHTEEN. I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE; I AM TOO YOUNG TO DIE!”


I then had the spirit of the eighteen-year-old go back to the accident and clear all of its emotions that were trapped at that dimension of time. I then had the spirit change that created event. The spirit stated that he would tell the driver to slow down and he would; then they wouldn't have the accident and he could live out his full life. This was done, for the next parallel.

After releasing the spirit of the eighteen-year-old, I then called up the spirit of the doctor and had him externalise and change that moment of time.

What an eye opener for an analytical belief system of limitation; a new expansion of one's consciousness into other created realities of non-limitation.

This client came to me stating that she had been in fror three spinal operations and was seeing a psychologist for over two years, as well as heaps of other practitioners, and that although they had taken her back to an accident that she had nine years ago, the problem of her back and spine pain had persisted and had not cleared.

The client asked if she could have a session to see if I could find out why the pain was still there?

The woman's spirit indicated that the pain was created at the age of eighteen.

The next moment the clients is creaming "I forgot, I forgot, I totally forgot, I had a head on collision at that age, she suddenly stated that she had forgotten about this event and that she was in a bad car accident at that age, and that everyone was over with the other driver; no-one had come to assist her, as she was trapped in the car, and this made her feel abandoned and afraid.

I then asked, “What happened to the other driver?”

The client stated that she died.

I then asked, “Has the spirit of the woman that died entered this body?”

The spirit of the client answered, “Yes!”

I then called the spirit to the surface and asked, “Why did you invade this body?”

The spirit of the dead woman--speaking out of the client's body--stated, “She was responsible for my death and it wasn't fair! I was jealous that she survived and I didn't, so I moved into her body!”

This is what is known as “reciprocal exchange of energy”, a universal law, that if you are responsible for the death of another, then that spirit has the right to take-over your body. This is what happens to soldiers that go to war with the intent to kill. They are taken over by the person that they kill, and then live a life of mental torment as the spirit within creates the voices in the head and, at times, is responsible for self-mutilation and suicides.

I then explained to the spirit that, “Everything that has happened now has happened before, and that everything that is happening now will happen again in the next parallel. Do you want the same thing to happen all over again in the next parallel?” The spirit answered, “No!”

I then asked, “Are you prepared to change that dimension of time so that it can never happen again in the future?” The spirit answered, “Yes.”

I then had it change that dimension of time. I then had the client agree and also change that dimension of time. As I released the trapped spirit, the client's body went through the physical experience of gasping and choking as it relived the last memories just prior to her death, which had been trapped within the invading spirit's body, back at the scene of the accident. 



When the spirit was removed, so was the pain.


This youth was only twenty-years old, and was suffering depression and anxiety.

After obtaining permission from the client and his spirit, what came up was an incident that occurred eighteen months ago when the client and his girlfriend had an argument; she said, “Get out of the car!” And then put her foot down and drove into a brick wall, killing herself in front of him.

What I normally do when one is suffering trauma after seeing another kill themselves, is ask if the spirit of his girlfriend has moved on, or has she moved into his body?

When I asked his spirit in stated that her spirit had moved into his body.

When I asked if the spirit of the girlfriend was in his body, the moment the spirit said, “YES”, the youth's phone, which was twenty-feet away, turned itself on and started to play music and games by itself. This isn't the first time objects have turned themselves on or off when doing Holographic Kinetics.

I then called the spirit of the girlfriend through and changed that dimension of time, preventing the repeat within the next cycle of time. I then enfolded space-time for the youth and had him change that trauma of that dimension of time.

I then released the spirit of the girlfriend from being earth bound.

Whenever one is traumatized, they drop their defenses and become vulnerable to other forces within the area at the time. The tsunami in Asia would have thousands of spirits lost and earthbound; many rescue persons would have dropped there defenses and taken on many spirits that didn't want to die over there in Asia.

Our team had arrived in this Aboriginal community and the mother of the girl came to us and stated that her daughter had hung herself and that they had cut her down about half-an-hour ago. The mother was a health worker and stated, “Can you help my daughter? I don't want to hand her over to the mainstream as I have seen what happens to them when they apply drugs, as drugs aren't our cultural way, Dreamtime Healing is.”

I then asked the girl for permission to work with her and I also got permission from her spirit. As I accessed her energy field, an entity surfaced and speaking out of her body stated, “She's mine. I'll take her tomorrow, I'll take her next week; she's mine.”

My instant reply to this entity was, “Be buggered you will, you're out of here!”

Now, as her spirit was weak, this entity was able to enter and was attempting to get her to suicide, so when she does, it then has access to her soul--her soul being all of her external experiences that she has experienced through her life. So because the girl's spirit was weak, I had an Aboriginal assistant--one of my crew--lie beside her and hold her hand as I surrogated her spirit into my assistant. I then had her spirit enfold space-time and changed the trauma, in that dimension of time, which was set-up over her wanting to commit suicide. We then changed that dimension of time and then called up the entity that was waiting and attempting to take her, and we then removed him from her field.

Over the next two weeks her mother stated that remarkable changes had occurred since the session. Three months later, the girl came to us to thank us and had another session on other issues. One year later and the girl is doing great!

Half-an-hour after saving this Aboriginal girl, all of the Aboriginal staff were called into the health centre by their white boss where they were all threatened; they were not allowed to talk to us, walk with us, or be seen near us in working hours by Queensland Health.

As an Aboriginal descendant, and founder of Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics, I understand Aboriginal customs, beliefs and Lore. We are constantly being told by health workers, “We know Dreamtime Healing works, but we are forced to use mainstream systems, knowing that it doesn't help our people.”

Health workers have stated that traditional health is now drugs and medication, and our traditional health is classified as complimentary medicine-- what a load of rubbish!!!

Some of the Aboriginal communities have had an average of three attempted suicides a week, prior to us clearing their youth. Since we have cleared the youth, the community police stated that they have not had one attempted suicide in over twelve months in those communities. These are results we can reproduce in most communities by addressing areas not understood by the mainstream, and which have been known to the Australian Aboriginal since the beginning of time.



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