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  Holographic Kinetics
"An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality for the
Future from the Past." ~
Steve Richards Founder & Creator - Holographic Kinetics 


DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is an understanding of two worlds, an internal to external and an external to internal world.​ DREAMTIME HEALING is part of what the Australian Aboriginal "Lore Men" knew from the past and could apply; HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is the science behind their knowledge.​​​

DREAMTIME HEALING is about what I was taught by my Aboriginal Grandmother and Mother about our cultural past  and the multi-dimensions  of our world  and about the spirits of man, the ancestors, the totems, the animal spirits, and the spirits in nature, it was from  this our research led to understanding of the balancing and the imbalances of man's internally- created realities through the cycles of dimensions that man calls "time". Dreamtime Healing can access the internal dimensional world of all living things, the life force, the invisible, man at times calls spirit, [different from the soul] where all creation is first set-up, and then flows through into the visible external world of reality. It is an advanced Aboriginal-healing modality, incorporating the applied knowledge of Lore that governs the internal invisible dimensions of life, which no man can escape, these are different from our external laws that govern our physical reality.


HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS has the ability to understand the science of the mind, incorporating the maths & geometry of creation, and how the original race on this planet--the Australian Aboriginals--knew the keys and could access and communicate to the life force of the being, known as spirit, regardless of its physical form, sending it back through the cycle of time, into internal hyper-space. When the Spirit enters this internal dimension, all things are omnipotent [consisting of great power], omnipresent [as all things past, present and future are present at the same time] and omniscient [an area of infinite knowledge].






















HOLOGRAPHIC virtually explains man is a hologram--every cell in the body stores every thought and memory as it is sent from the subtle bodies within, out to all areas of the physical body and each cell has the ability to holographically reproduce those memories. These areas are called "cellular memory" and can store trauma from generations down the hereditary line--they can be accessed and cleared.​​​
KINETIC energy comes from the harmony of the Infinite universe, as free flowing balanced energy. When captured by the act of a thought, it becomes potential energy, aligning itself into plutonic geometry forming a crystal, which now stores memory and locks into the stress point of the body--in its own separate dimension known as "time". This i​s created by the universal mind of its creator, passing through the cellular memory of its being.​​​

​DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is about the integration of an internal invisible, and an external visible world of assisting people with their internally-created realities that are not being addressed--or understood, by mainstream mental health-thus denying them their rights of being healed.











Where does this modality come from?

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics  has been created as the modality it is, by founder Steve Richards. Steve is a descendant of the First Peoples here in Australia, through his understanding of  aboriginal traditional healing ways and the universal LORE that governs this. Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics was created initially for future generations to understand, so as they may be aware of LORE and be enabled to keep balance within their internal created realities and of all that is created by the very act of a Thought, Word ,Deed and Action. 

The modality itself treats the cause that is creating the effects in peoples lives that they are unable to cope with or repeating patterns they struggle to change , it is able to access what has been locked into the cells and passed down through genetic lines or come through past life trauma.

To do this it recognizes the life force of all living  things known as  SPIRIT , and the universal LORE that incorporates all creation and transcends dimensions, including dimensions of reality .

Steve has witnessed how mental health within society has deteriorated and has accelerated over the years . Prison systems , mental institutions and hospitals are all reaching their capacities, not to mention the rate of suicides of all people of all ages . It comes to stand that current psychological and psychiatric practices are not assisting people to heal and recover themselves; rather it is prescriptive and disabling  people from understanding the truth about their created reality . Mainstream systems are not helping the health of the overall population .

To date Steve has assisted people of all ages and ethnicities  presenting with many issues ranging from acute physical ailments to deeply disturbing psychological issues and those suffering from inter-generational trauma, repeating patterns and mental illness. Steve has also worked with inmates in high security prisons and in communities that have been affected by suicide and trauma. He has had results where no other practitioner or modality has been able to properly assis


HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is able to assist in dealing with the physical and non physical  realms of reality.

It is important to note,  that every case is unique and different, although the symptoms may look alike. Through HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS it has been shown time time and time again that to obtain results, each person must see for themselves , the cause ( moment in time)  and their reaction  that has created the effects they are experiencing . No one outside of that persons reality can assume or prescribe the cause of the effect. The answer ( the key) is held within the person presenting with the issues . HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS assists in accessing the key so the person can see the thoughts and agreements they made in that moment in time, understand the patterns in their lives and create the changes necessary for mental health and well being to be restored.

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS works with the SPIRIT of a person  to change the hologram that was created in a dimension of time. The hologram being a running program that is repeating itself as a pattern through time , on e that may have been passed on genetically and /or had been activated be a similar event. Working with you & your SPIRIT, the practitioner assists the person to change the cause at its creation point, as the SPIRIT knows how, where, when and why anything was ever created. Together you and your SPIRIT create a new dimension that is now your new present and future. You change your past in the present for your future. Every thought is created in its own dimension of time . Once we hold onto a thought it begins to grow as an internal life from. This life form needs to grow for its own survival, every time we react we feed it & it grows. The reactors trap more internalized energy, only when we let go of what we are holding onto can we come back to point zero, no longer stuck in time and able to move forward.

 As the Founder & creator of HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS Steve  Richards has developed a course to learn this powerful modality , you too can learn and be rewarded by obtaining the same remarkable results--usually in one session, as the other 1600 students have--from over 42 countries up to 2023, why not organize a seminar in your area, or community or have a team of our practitioners assist to clear your troubled youth and others.​​​​ See our FUTURE SEMINARS page for more info on learning.


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