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Holographic Kinetics

Energy Crystallization


THE Universal Supreme Being is mind--his supreme mind consists of energy and is
expressed in light, and is in a state of constant creation of all things.

Universal mind is the creation of man; man is creation of Universal mind.

The universe is spiraling through a vortex, constantly expanding and contracting, always seeking to come back to a constant balance--to a "point zero," where nothing is wrong and nothing is right. There is no judgment; there are only balances or imbalances. All things created are permitted to experience their own creations. When those creations have been experienced, and the creator of that experience is ready to let go of that experience, the universal mind will bring that created universe back into harmony through balance--back to its point zero. Once there, mind has the free will, to create another universal experience or imbalance.

We consist of light; the equilibrium to light is darkness. The universal mind is light, the universe consists of energy--energy is expressed in light; spirit is light; the substance of all creation is light, for light is the storehouse of thinking mind, and the thinking mind creates universes.

All matter consists of light; all matter is growing; all matter is evolving; and all matter is living.

Light solidifies into crystal formation of matter--all crystallization is within itself a dimension; it is the first appearance of form. When the thinking mind of man creates a universe of imbalance through his intent or thoughts, he captures the free-flowing kinetic energy into potential energy, creating a crystal.

The internal atomic structure of crystals, although they vary in size are all spheres, with the electrons moving around its nucleus at nine tenths of the speed of light, forming a spherical electron cloud as light starts its created formation into matter.

These Atoms sometimes have a missing electron in its outer orbital areas, and become negatively charged ions; some have an extra electron in orbital areas and become positively charged ions.

This then becomes the basis for the combination of atoms into chemical structures--the alignment of these atoms is known as "Platonic geometry", and is seen in the atomic pattern within crystals.

Crystalline structures usually align themselves in a straight line, as a tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron or dodecahedron, with the starting point for all of the crystal systems been the "cube cell"--and by distorting this cell in different ways, all other systems are then derived.

All crystal structures are composed of geometric patterns.

The cubic octahedron and the rhombic dodecahedron are said to be directly linked with human consciousness.

The most important shape in the universe is the octahedron, often called the "cube equilibrium" as compression of various sides, in various ways, will cause it to assume the various Platonic solids--the key to all lattice structures, including that of metal.

Geometric structures form lattices, which are connecting systems of structure, specific for each type of crystal.

Crystalline structures are generally grouped into different systems that are classified as isometric, tetragonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, or triclinic.

Many crystals begin to grow in one form and change into another.

An example of this is fluoride, it begins as a cube but grows into an octahedron, as it grows [through time] it transforms its structure back into a cubicle form, and this structure alternates back and forth as long as the crystal exists.

Humans have a cubic octahedron field around their body, in addition to Platonic field forms. As every thought, [through intent of imbalance,] that they create within their dimensional universal mind internally, and with all the external artificial crystalline structures man takes into his body [in the form of preservatives and toxins for example] These will have an interactive effect with other crystals within their body.

The body's natural defense, the immune system, knowing that these crystals are not being produced by the body, will make an attempt to protect the body by either sending the body into detoxification, where it will start to feel ill. The body could vomit, sweat, have diarrhea, come down with a cold, or it may simply pass it out through the bladder or bowels. This is known as a healing crises.

When we take something, that has been artificially created to stop the healing crises that the body has put us into. Which it was attempting to remove! Then the body responds, by locking those synthetic crystals back, somewhere in the body [usually within the fatty tissues or some other area of the body]. When the immune system is weakened, sometimes those crystals will start to interact with other crystal forms and illness and disease will now start to take place, within the body.
The rotational speed of nine tenths the speed of light is a number harmonically tuned to the third dimensional reality. Whatever mans intent or thoughts are, they become a dimensional universe of reality and can be projected around or programmed into objects, that will then become dependent for their existence upon the created consciousness that put it there.


With HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS man's effects, which are locked within crystals within the body can be accessed. As the spirit of man is sent into internal hyperspace--back to relive the cause of that effect--to where light is bought back from its "slowed down" rotating speed of creating solidity to its harmonic rotating speed of nine tenths of the speed of light relived. Then further steps in the rotational speed are taken where upon the effect simply disappears out of this reality altogether.

Heat areas in the body is physical matter--of crystallized light--being released by transmuting its crystal formation, as potential energy back to its creation, through into the invisible world as ether.

Cold areas in the body is ether from the invisible world, transmuting through into crystallized light as potential energy into the physical world as matter.

The universe and all within is in a constant state of motion, inhaling and exhaling. Any apparent reaction in the created universe of mind, returns unto itself, back to its own exact point of its creation, to another known effect called time.

Crystals are light entrapped as potential energy within a gravitational universe.



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