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Holographic Kinetics 

Who Can Benefit?

The areas of assistance with Holographic Kinetics are enormous, up to 80% of mental illness is understood and covered by the areas mentioned within this site.

Steve was awarded the 2005 Life Awards-Certificate of Commendation-- from suicide prevention Australia and Nominated for the 2005/2006 Human Rights Medal Awards. Then in 2007 Steve was nominated for the Australian of the year awards amongst many others and Has  have been asked into the high security prisons for the mentally ill, where nothing tried by mainstream with the Aboriginal inmates was working and he has obtained positive results with every inmate worked on.


Because---“Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics works!”

No government has been listening to the oldest race on the earth. A race that had survived for over 60,000 years in align with nature, until invasion by external forces, that then created the stolen generation, where most of the information was not able to be passed on through the Aboriginal culture and therefore most of the knowledge was lost. 

The Australian aboriginal recognized that every living thing is alive, a tree, water, rocks an animals or an area and all living things have a life force; known as a spirit, [this is different from the soul] and can be stuck in cycles of trauma from its past, Just as the Soul can be stuck in the genetic cellular memory trauma of the ancestors, beliefs, programs and experiences through time and both can be communicated with, but only your spirit knows, how, where, when and why any created reality was created and can assist you to access and enfold space time upon those dimensions of time.

Any problem [the effect] you have has a cause; why did you created it, where did it come from and how long has it been manifesting though its own dimension of time?


I have found communities that have had life forms that have been manipulating them for hundreds of years, until we cleared those dimensions. a Black spot in the road is a life form that only knows its creation and will keep taking lives in the same area until it is cleared.

I believe we can assist eighty to ninety percent of clients, especially people that are suffering mental-health problems. Mental health around the country has no idea of how to access these areas that we cover, although I have had mental-health workers state, "we have seen what you are talking about, but have no ideas how to deal with it".

Look at the prison system; repeat offenders--the same crime over and over again. They state, "I don't know why I keep repeating the same thing all the time, especially when I drink! ********** THEY ARE STUCK IN A DIMENSION OF TIME!

I have found that some Pedophiles are stuck, back when they were exploring their sexuality as a child and have not been able to move on THIS CAN BE CHANGED—THEY ARE STUCK IN A DIMENSION OF TIME!!!

Pain is trapped energy. Forget about pain management, take out the trapped energy or trauma of the spirit and the energy is once more free to leave and so is the pain. At times pain may not even belong to you, you may have been responsible for the death of another or taken pitty on another that has died and that gave that Spirit the rights under LORE to enter your body and you may be experiencing its pain through you, until that Spirit is bought up and time enfolded back to its trauma and changed and then released, only then will the pain cease.

How many thousands must continue suffering because of the ego and ignorance of some of the mental health advisors in this and other countries?

Let's not forget about the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that are suffer mental torment due to reciprocal exchange of energy, as they take the spirits of the enemy back home with them, within their bodies. As spirit's are pure energy and are ten times more powerful than a physical being, therefore they can make the soldier destroy himself in a number of ways, that is why the suicide rate is so high with the soldiers. These men can be cleared and by training soldiers ancient lore, this could be prevented. I have cleared many ex Viet Vets and had spirits of vietcong Talking out of their bodies, These spirits had a right to take over the vehicle [Body] of he who destroys its vehicle [body]under LORE.

We have heard that in Queensland alone there are over 275 police officers on trauma leave, My students and myself, have had police officers that have attended a number of suicides, and on feeling emotional and sad at the scene, that was enough to allow the spirits of the deceased to enter as they lowered their defenses--they can be helped!

There are Police officers, ambulance officers, rescue officers, soldiers, hospital staff and more that have dropped their defenses at the scene of a death allowing spirits to enter their field as many spirits are earth bound due to their sudden death and at times need assistance to be moved on, these persons now can take on the effect of the invading spirit prior to its death--They can be helped!


The tsunami in Indonesia will have thousands of earth-bound spirits stuck in their trauma, In some parts of Thailand and Indonesia they refuse to go out at night because of the spirits that are still, wandering looking for their loved ones. A huge amount of rescue workers would have picked up spirits that didn't want to remain over there and bought them back in their bodies, these people will need to be defused of their own trauma and cleared--They can be helped!

We have had many spirits that have come in to people at road accidents, during an operation in hospitals, At a major trauma, people not wanting their loved ones to leave can entrap them into their energy field--They can be helped!

This also relates to animal spirits if you are responsible for the death of a human or animal then that spirit has a right to take over your vehicle [body] as you were responsible for the destruction of its vehicle [body], it now may reside within you for as long as it chooses, that could be for thousands of years--this at times can create metamorphosis activity. They can be helped!

We can assist to access the invading spirits and other forces and bring them to the surface, where we can then deal with their trauma and enfold space/time upon it and have that spirit change that trauma from ever occurring within future cycles as all that is happening now has happened before Deja-vu and all that is happening now will happen again within the cycles of time--They can be helped!

People suffering from anorexia, who do you think the voices are that keep telling them that their fat and need to lose weight--They can be helped!

People suffering from voices in the head--Turrets' syndrome --compulsive disorders--multiple personalities et; any person that has attempted self harm or attempted suicide--Can be helped! Most person suffering psycho- somatic illness—They can be helped!

  At times pain can belong to another, it can be another spirit trapped within your energy field, or could be from a past trauma, sometimes it comes down genetic hereditary line. Your spirit can communicate the cause of how, where, when and why an internal created reality involving pain was created. They can be helped!

Take note " I do not see Spirits, I do not hear spirits, other than those that speak physically out of the body of my clients, but I have seen metamorphous and shape shifting by some of these forces within many of my clients take place in front of me and others."


There is what I call controlled zone and uncontrolled zone, by applying LORE you can access a control zone, by not knowing what you are doing you can access a non control zone where you can then be taken over or attacked by other forces.



I can have a team travel any where in the world to deal with these areas or to teach you or your staff how to access and clear these areas using LORE [universal knowledge]  We have trained over 1350 people how to deal with these areas., from over 42 countries. You can learn how to help and clear others suffering from these issues.  

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