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Past Parallel and Future


Have you ever wondered how a clairvoyant can tell you something and it comes true although it may be six months or more away. Lets have a look at how, through my research, I perceive that event is possible to take place,

At that time I was about 26 years old, full on exploring the mind.

Using mind magic that I had been playing around with since I was about 18 years old, and on this particular day the universe arranged for a connection to be made, so I may learn a little more about the mind of man and its wonders. The connection was made with this young lady, who was about 18 years old at the time, her name was Karen, we found we had a mutual interest in the lost knowledge, that is the unknown.

This young lady Karen, was extremely clairvoyant, and that got a great deal of my attention, as I found it was hard back then, attempting to understand how someone can see into the future. Although I had read a number of books on the subject my inquisitive mind couldn't work out how it was possible, it took a further 20 years before I finally comprehended its possibility and simplicity.

The following weekend, I was holding one of my many research groups, and asked if she would like to come along and join us, we had a regular group, of about ten like minded people, she was very enthusiastic as it is nice to find a group of like minded people, and we have not done much research into or with a clairvoyant before, and our group would love to try some research, in that area using Hypnosis, to see what we could achieve.

Karen agreed and on the Saturday arrived and met the rest of the group. Before doing any Hypnosis I asked Karen, "what does she feel about been able to see things before they happen"

Karen's commented, "it upsets me some times, because I have to tell people what I see, sometimes its not always nice. I already know when and how I am going to die, I will die before I reach 20".

That was somewhere in the next 18 months, obviously she was here for a reason, even if it was only for this moment in time.

I then proceed to place her in an altered state; she was a good subject and went very deep, I then asked:

Question - " Why do you feel you will die so young?'

Answer - "Because of what I have done in my past".

Question - "What did you do in you past that warrants such a short life?"

Answer - "I belonged to a witches coven "

"You are there, you are there now. What year is it'?
Answer - "1442!"

Question - "What did you do as a witch?"

Answer - "Held black masses. I offered 20 babies as human sacrifices to the altar."

I was now struggling with my belief system thinking how come she is back, as I always thought an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, yet here she was with what seemed to be this accumulation of knowledge and ability to see into the future, it almost seemed as if she was been rewarded for her created imbalances. At the time it didn't make sense, though today understanding the true meaning of Karma, as the universal law of compensation, I can see how she cut 20 lives short of their time and therefore she will be cut short of her own life or lives, depending how long she takes, through time and space to bring the imbalance back into balance, and also the fact she is gifted, as a clairvoyant as part of that Karma, in making her aware of the suffering she caused, and her feeling that she has to suffer knowing, and foreseeing her own death. When she is ready to let go and forgive herself of that event, the cycle will cease.

I then asked her "How did you die?"

"I was found out and burned alive at the stake." was her reply.

I then started to bring her back to present day and was going to bring her out of it, when I heard this inner-voice my SPIRIT, at that time I used to call it my intuition, and when ever I listened to it, things would work out for the better. Whenever I refused to listen and not do what I felt it was guiding me in the right direction to do, I would end up realising the mistake, so I have learnt for years to listen and learn from that higher self, intuition, spirit, infinite self, what ever you wish to call it.

I call it SPIRIT as its the same energy through time and space creating different vehicles for its journey, it has had many experiences throughout many dimensions, it is the true part of us, so I hear this SPIRIT, say she is clairvoyant, take her into the future. I stop, think about it for a second, why not, lets test it, see if we can prove it's possible, to take someone into the future.

I decide to try it.

I then sent her back through time and space, to a time space location where all things are known past, present and future, and I want her to go into the future and tell me ten events that are going to occur in the next week.

Her immediate reply was:

1. At 6am Monday the depot master is going to be upset all day.

2. The depot master will be forced to be in the first aid room all day

3. At 9am Monday morning Robby will ring to tell me that Sharon has been rushed to hospital suffering from an acute appendicitis attack.

4. On Monday Bus 1246 will be in an accident.

5. On Monday Bus 1410 will have a breakdown in the city.

6. On Monday bus 1321 will have a breakdown.

7. At 3pm Monday Peter Robertson will have the most violent headache he has ever had in his life.

8. At 1pm Robby will ring back to let me know Sharon will be alright, and where she will be, so I can visit her.

There were another two events which she mentioned, that I couldn't check out.

I then brought Karen back into present day, and thought lets check out what she told us that might occur over the next week.

So lets see what happened, it turned out that she was a bus conductress at a bus depot, she was on the shift starting at 6am , on Monday morning.

I asked if it would be all right if I went to the depot with Karen and her friend Mark, who worked with Karen, as I wanted to check out some things. Karen new we were up to something but didn't know what, due to been in an altered state, a different dimension of time and she had no recollection of the session

When we arrived and went into the office, the first event started to unfold, as the depot master had arrived at the same time, and he was yelling and cursing, as head office had sent a crew out to scrape off this tar coating, which was under the lino, on the floor of his office as a type of waterproofing, then number two started to unfold as he was going to have to move into the first aid room, to run the depot for the day, so they could get a clear run at upgrading his office.

Mark and myself looked at each other, and I commented, this is interesting, Karen was due out at 6.30am and wasn't due back until 10.00am , as Karen was on a broken shift.

Mark was doing a stand-by shift and I decided to wait around, so we could see if anything else predicted occurred.

It was 8.55am we were both in the office and by this time a couple of the others drivers, that were on stand-by, had been told what occurred and you could feel the excitement in the room as it came closer to 9.00am, it was decided that if the phone rings on the dot of nine they would let me answer it, one minute to nine and I move over closer to the phone everybody is gathered around curious, then the phone rings, we all froze, looking at each other in amazement, is this the third prediction manifesting, I reach over and pick up the phone,.

This male voice asks, Is Karen back yet?"

I commented "No, she is still on the road, can I take a message?"

The person on the other end says, "Yes, can you tell Karen that Robbie rang and her flat mate Sharon has just been rushed to hospital, suffering from an acute appendicitis. I'll phone her later and let her know how she is going".

I then commented I would pass the message on.

On hanging up, I looked at Mark and commented I don't believe this is happening, how can this happen, how can she see into the future.

It wasn't the fact that it was possible, but how was it possible that was hard to comprehend.

Although at the same time, I had seen too many things that were not supposed to happen in our so called structural lineal dimension, that I had learnt anything is possible, and instead of denying the existence of things unexplained, I would ask for the understanding, of their possibility to be shown.

I turned to Mark and asked if he could point out Peter Robertson, the driver that Karen had mentioned, who would be suffering from a violent headache at 3pm, Mark went across to a roster on the wall and looked up Peter's name, he is on the evening shift and starts at 2.50pm and is out on the road by 3.15pm.

Karen arrived back at 10.00am and we all headed off for lunch and a talk, as Karen is not aware of what was going on, due to the post hypnotic suggestion that had been given to her, so we explained to Karen what she had told us, and how we were awaiting the next event which was that Sharon's boyfriend Robby would ring back at 1.00pm, so we had a few hours to spare.

By 12.55pm we were back at the office awaiting to see if Robby would ring at 1.00pm as was stated.

At 1.00pm the phone rings, its for Karen, and it is Robby, ringing to tell Karen that her flatmate and friend is in Manly hospital, she is a little sore, but will be all right and he let Karen know the ward she is in.

We were getting a little anxious as we were waiting for Peter to start work, it was 3.00pm and no sign of Peter, we asked if anyone had seen him, someone said he was over in the recreation room, where they play cards and snooker, in between the long breaks, between shifts.

Finally we found Peter, it was about 3.05pm and Mark and myself approached Peter asking him how he was feeling.

Peter answered, "fine I feel great now, but a few minutes ago I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had."

It was two days before we could track down the three buses involved, as any accidents or breakdowns are dealt with by the mechanical section which was in a different area, they like all the other events happened and of the 10 events 8 we could verify and the other 2 were too complex to follow up. That didn't matter, I was not out to prove the existence of clairvoyance to anyone, an 80% proven success, was enough to prove its existence to me, that then meant there was another area, I had to research further to understand, which I did.

To understand how it works, you have to look at the cycles of time, the past and the present equal the future, the past cycle is dejavu, we now live in the present cycle and just like fibonacci mathematics the past and the present equal the future cycles of time.

The clairvoyant access the past cycle of time and can see on the time track what occurred in the past/future, if you do nothing to change that cycle then it will repeat itself in the present and then set up the cycles of similarity of the future, this then gives you the repeat offenders in the prison system as they become stuck in time of the cycle of similarity, which can be easily cleared.


This client arrived and stated, 'that he has been throwing epileptic fits for several years and that they seem to be getting worst'. He wandered if there was anyway I could help him, to find out why he has been having these fits.

It didn't take long using the normal Holographic Kinetics process and the client's spirit was back in a past life. He was home in bed with his wife when bandits broke in and shot his wife and him, they then ransacked the house, they then saw that he was still alive they shot and killed him.

Between him been shot the first time and the time he died from the second shot, he is reliving the event and says to his wife, who is already dead that “I'll never leave you, I'll always be there for you. “

After having the client's spirit relive and enfold space/time on all the trauma that it was still locked into and then as we replacing that created void in that dimension of time, he started coming back up T1 and slide across into T2 into the past parallel and moved into that future on it's past T1 then what he saw was quit startling.

He commented “Oh Shit, my wife and new born daughter in ten years from now go to a 10 year old birthday party of a friend. On the way home my wife is driving and she has a car accident and both my wife and daughter are killed in that accident”

I then had the client move into that T1 moment of time and remember always that event and on that day he drives his wife and daughter and stays at the party an extra hour at least, before leaving and we locked that created change of that created event in.

I believe that the epileptic fits were linked to the spirit, still been stuck in that dimension of time over the intent and agreement that was made with his physical, regarding “I'll never leave, I'll will always be there”. The fits were a way of the Spirit trying to be there to fulfill his request for his wife in the future.

This client was a very independent woman, she used to do her thing and her husband did his thing, she couldn't work out why she was married to him as she didn't love him, she never had. She had this uncontrollable insecure feeling and she new she had to be with him and couldn't leave him and didn't know why and it was really getting to her.

I started by using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS and gaining the permission I needed by both the client and the SPIRIT of the client, to access this DIMENSION containing the stored potential energy related as the cause of the effect of this issue.

On accessing this issue, the client was back in time in India in a past life. She was begging on the streets and had a broken arm the result of being beaten, when this stranger approached saw the crisis she was in and took pity on her. In doing that he took her home and cared for her, in return she became his servant and later on his lover. When he took her off the streets into his home and cared for her broken arm she said these words,"I'LL ALWAYS BE INDEBTED TO YOU".

As time continued they lived together, but never married. One day this man came home with a male friend and ordered that she sleep with him as he was his friend, this had brought back memories of when she was on the streets begging. The event made her feel like she was his slave, to be sold or treated as he pleased. It made her feel so bad that she went and jumped over a cliff and killed herself, never releasing herself of the agreement that she made with her SPIRIT, that she would always be indebted to this man.

One of the most powerful universal laws is the law of agreement. This law is valid through time and space eternally. Hear we have her making an agreement to always be indebted to this Spirit of this man. It was the same spirit that had now taken on a new body in this time space location, and that was her husband today, she had through ignorance and free will, created bondage to this man.

She chose to externalize that past and change it, so she is free within the future, where she will not repeat this event.

Due to having two children with this man, being her husband in present day, she made the choice to stay married to him in this lifetime for the benefit of the children, knowing that in her future she is free to change her destiny.

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