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Cycles of Time

Whenever any two singular dimensions of duality merge, a third dimension is created.

Therefore when the macrocosm comes together to merge with the microcosm, a new dimension will be created, and that is the physical dimensional world we live in.

To have the world above and the world below, there must be a world between the two.

When the invisible world of spirit [singular]and the invisible world of soul [singular], create duality, then the visible human physical being was created with free-will to rule its own dimension; and allowing the free-will thinking mind of man to create and enter into his own universe of dimensions.

When the mind enters into Internal Hyper-space all dimensions--past, present and future--are accessible, the past is the beginning, the alpha,[represents spirit] the present, mans consciousness [Beta]has the choice of balance, in the now, and the future is the end, the omega, [soul] which in turn is the Alpha which is the beginning of a new cycle-a new dimension-all over again.

Understand how all things spiral into expansion and contraction, from the galaxies, down to the electrons around the neutron within the atom. And so do Dimensions, imagine a dimension--like all things--as a spiraling vortex; look at it as if it is a spiraling coil, similar to a spring, and just like all elements in nature spiral through there octaves, and transmuting from one form to another. This understanding was used by the alchemists of the past, to turn any metal through transmutation into gold. Visualise the spring, lay it on its side and draw a line along it, In doing that you will cross at a harmonic point 90deg from each coil, now look at the start and as you go around a 360 deg, you come back to the same line, the beginning, the lineal line that was drawn, the only difference is that the line crossing the spiral has moved through time and space to a different time/space location, this occurs every 360 degrees, as it moves through its cycles, moving through a different time/space location at the end of each cycle.

Go to the end of the line, to the last coil. Now imagine this as a dimension and go to the harmonic point where they cross at ninety degrees to each other. Now imagine that point as being today, the same time, same day, same month and the same year. Now lets go back one cycle--360 degrees--to the last time around and stop at the harmonic cross over point.

If you look at it from the end elevation, you will see you have just covered a cycle of 360 degrees, of time moving back through space and if you come around and look at it from the side, you will see that it has covered 360 degrees of its time cycle--it moved back through space to an original past location. Nothing can be complete unless it has covered 360 degrees.

This is what happens with people who are Clairvoyant, they enter back into hyper-space, into a past parallel dimension, just like on the coil, was a cycle of events that has already occurred back in another dimension of time, they then move forward in time on that last time around cycle, see what is happening on that cycle, then come back into present. All this is accessed at the speed of thought within internal hyper-space, where all things are omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient; meaning all powerful, everywhere at the same time, and of infinite knowledge.

Once a person is told of an event by a Clairvoyant that is going to occur, it means that event occurred on their time track, last time around in a previous parallel dimension and if nothing is done to change the circumstances, being the cause regarding that event occurring, then that same cause will transmute through, creating the same event and will have the same effect, in the near future as occurred in its parallel past.

Once a person becomes aware of what a Clairvoyant states is going to occur and through that awareness, change the circumstances--being the cause then that same effect will no longer occur--you actually change your own destiny.

There have been a number of cases I have read about over the years. One in particular was when a passenger was about to board a plane and he had a strong premonition not to go on the flight--it was so strong that he refused to board and the plane took off without him, crashing and killing all on board.

What he had done was listened to his spirit, warning him about what had happened last time. He became aware, changed his path of destiny, therefore changing the cause to the effect from ever recurring

This is what "HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS DOES" it assists the client to enter into their own time track, into Hyperspace to find the cause of the effect of their problems.

A conscious shift of awareness takes place in Hyperspace, through spiritual integration, as they access their spirits own created dimensional universe of imbalance, and brings those imbalances back into harmony and balance.

Unless that created dimension has enfolded space time upon itself for completion through 360 degrees, it will continue cycling through minor cycles, repeating the same patterns, gaining reactors and feeding itself the same frequencies that created it and eventually becoming conscious of its own consciousness and becoming an internal created entity. Once it reaches this stage it can then surface at will activating its creation, eg. if a deviant then one has no control as it surfaces activating its deviant acts as that was its creation and that deviant and its reactors is all it knows. When this occurs the person has no control over their deviant acts until space/time enfolds and changes that creation at it juncture.

We have the ability to turn the prison system around as "repeat offenders" have no control over their repeat crimes and many times you hear " I don't know why I did it or the voices in my head made me do it" We have hundreds of news paper articles where these other forces took control killing people and the body is doing the time for a dimensional crime.

We have the ability to teach how to access and assist to remove these forces using Aboriginal LORE, stopping the repeat offenders within the prison systems.

Wake up world, we are a multidimensional being in a multidimensional world and other dimensions are manipulating men in power, within this dimension, fear them not, for they have violated LORE and can be easily removed.

As for WAR, it violates LORE, Man may defend his family and his being, but if his intent is to kill, then reciprocal exchange of energy will be activated, that gives the spirit of the murdered victim the rights to invade the body of he that killed it and take over that body.

I have had many ex`Viet Vets suffering mental torment for over 40 years, once on the table we have had spirits of Vietcong talking Vietnamese out of that clients body.

Today there are 700.000 American Soldiers suffering mental illness, the second highest death toll in Iraq with the soldiers is suicide, how many have activated reciprocal exchange of energy and are taking the enemy home within their body? These spirits can then get the soldier to commit suicide and it then moves up line, to the superior that ordered its killing. Main stream has no idea of these areas, nor does it know how to clear them, we do! But governments aren't listening. That makes politicians, in positions they took through their free will, that can stop suffering and don't, violate LORE. Therefore they become responsible for the suffering of others, and as no man can escape the cycles of time, they are setting themselves up for experiences of suffering in their own future cycles.

We have cleared hundreds of spirits both animal and human from the field of people, some at times were thrown around the room like a rag doll by these forces and at times prior to Holographic Kinetics had limbs broken by these invading forces.

I believe many men in high places are scared of these forces because they entered into their game and once in the game of another you are subject to the creator of that game through the cycles of time, this can last for eternity in some cases, stuck in ground hog day, never escaping from the game. Until they enfold space/time and break those agreements at their juncture.

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