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Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Spirit's Journey



The alpha represents the spirit and its birth-death, birth-death, cycles of time. How do the cycles work, you may ask? As a spirit we move into this molecular, mortal, physical world and take on a vehicle [body] we can call that an animal, a tree, a human body, whatever we have chosen. So now, as a human, we enter into this physical prison called a body, and the spirit now has to learn to drive this vehicle [body] so it can walk, talk, express and experience what we chose to come into this dimensional world to experience in this physical reality, but man has free will and choice, so all those choices and experiences become part of the soul, his external reality. 

When we first arrived in this body, we start to experience consciousness, feelings and respond by our reaction to events. With each new experience we choose, we capture kinetic energy in the form of electrons, they are free to enter and free to leave until we capture them, once captured they then become internal electromagnetic energy flux and spiral inward, aligning themselves in the form of plutonic geometry forming a crystalline structure that become trapped in the stress point of the body in its own separate dimension of time. 


We are now learning by our experiences, what we have failed to realize is “LORE" [Universal knowledge].

The electrons we capture become part of the external to internal world of reality and they become part of the soul, just as the nucleus is the internal to external world and is equal to the spirit, the life force. Man is being run and manipulated by the Soul and these life forms in the cells activate you to feed them as all life forms seek to be fed for survival and growth, its food sauce is that which created it, thus anger needs to create anger, sugar needs sugar, alcohol needs alcohol, drugs need drugs every thing is alive and seeks survival, but the spirit can access and change the Soul.


“Man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action and no man can escape the cycles of their dimension of time.” What this means is that everything cycles through time and must cycle back onto itself for completion, representing 360 degrees … the 0 completion. 

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


In other words whatever you decide to do, know that this is your creation and you must experience your creation, if you create pain and suffering to another, then you must experience what pain and suffering is all about, otherwise you would never get to understand the experience that you chose to create. 

What takes place with the spirit is that any trauma, or any creation that you have never dealt with in the past life, will manifest in this life--usually in the first 7 years. This is usually called a “sleeper”. [Although a sleeper can be activated, at any time within your life]. Once that sleeper is active it now sets up a cycles of similarity within this life time, creating the repeat offenders, not knowing why they keep doing the same thing over and over again, I call this “stuck in time”. Once that past-life issue is set up in this life, how you deal with it in that moment determines this life’s cycles and reactors. Now all the cycles of similarity that are set-up throughout this life and their reactors will determine the future cycles and density levels, as the past plus the present equals the future. 


At times I have amazed my clients by telling them all about their life in present day, you see once I know what has happened in the past, I know what is going to happen in the cycles of similarity up to present day until space/time is enfolded upon that dimension and it is released at its juncture. 

All Creation is the same, as plant life grows in a mathematic and geometry formation known as sacred geometry, or Fibonacci mathematics. The mathematical calculation is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 take any number [say the 5] that becomes that past, now add the present, the next number in the sequence and that is the [8], now add the past [5] plus the present [8] and it equals the future [13].This is continual throughout its creation, until it comes to 144.  All that spirit create's by the act of intent, and then consciously agreed upon is set into creation as a life form, and the spirit's past, plus our present will equal our future as all life forms are seeking survival within its own dimension of time.  


The time of a dimension can be for a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a year, 50 years, 100 years 1000 years 50,000 years or over a million years—time represents a cycle from its beginning to its end; it is only a dimension of time. The length of that dimension of time is up to you; let go of the issue and you release it, hang on to it and you feed a life form that starts to grow with you as its host. That created life form, when fed enough, grows--collecting millions of electrons within its form. And as it grows, it becomes conscious of its consciousness and grows into a new form, known as an “internally created entity”. 

Once created as an internally-created entity, it can now surface at will and you have no control over your action, but you will feed it more with your reactions. Eventually, it can take over totally, especially if you drink alcohol or are on drugs. These can also be found and removed with Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics.

The most powerful force will always succumb the weaker force.


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