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from a Holographic Kinetics understanding

Post, Traumatic, Stress Disorder 

    One of the things that Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics has found when it comes to P.T.S.D. is that we need to access the dimension, where the P.T.S.D  was first created, thus the start of that dimension of the trauma. 

   I have found that mainstream mental health fails to recognize the multi-dimensions that are involved in what Aboriginal culture has been aware of for thousands of years, that is why such a high rate of repeat Aboriginal offenders in the prison system, as they are stuck in dimension of time and these areas are not recognized or acknowledged by our mental health system. 


    Holographic Kinetics is obtaining results not understood by the western world, as there is no training in this field, under the western approach to P.T.S.D. other than what we are teaching, we have trained over 1400 students from over 42 countries, In how to assist to access dimension of reality. We have worked on Soldiers suffering from P.T.S.D. from Vietnam war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other places, we have worked Ambulance officers, paramedics, firemen, police officers, emergency call operators, nurses, doctors, hospital patients, high security prisons for patients classified as mentally insane, because of voices in the head, until we removed them, cutters (self Harm), attempted suicides. depression,  aggression, even patients classified as vegetables in hospitals due to been in a trance like state, with no way of communicating,  are now walking and talking or back in the workforce. 


When I have a soldier from Vietnam war 40 years later suffering P.T.S.D.  and I access the cause of that effect and have spirits of Vietcong talking out of his body in Vietnamese, I then command this Spirit to talk to me in English, which it does and it explain (talking out of the body of the ex soldiers) what happened to him and his family in Vietnam and how he wanted to destroy this man for what he did, we enfold time and space upon that dimension of reality and  change the event from ever happening within the future cycles of time. we then re-lease that Vietcong spirit that has been tormenting this soldier for over 40 years. For the first time in over 40 years the ex soldier sits up and  explains how free he feels as he felt that Spirit leave his field.

When we have a client that has had 3 spinal operations and is  still  in pain nearly 40 years later, when we access the cause her spirit brings up an accident when she was 18, the next moment she is screaming, I forgot, I forgot a totally forgot, I asked what happened, the client replied, I had a head on collision in a car when I was 18 years old, the other driver died at the scene, this tells me that the activation of what we call reciprocal exchange of energy may have taken place, I ask her spirit, through kinetics and it says yes, so I call up the spirit of the woman that died in the crash, boy was she angry, as she expressed herself out of the mouth of the host, who's body she was in, as this women been careless had killer her in the accident nearly 40 years earlier, the woman that died her spirit was not ready to move on and wanted her to suffer. 

       In understand lore and the cycles of time, that whatever is happening now has happened before and whatever is happening now will happen again, unless we enfold time and space upon that dimension and change the future cycles of time from ever been recreated in the future cycles of time. This we did and then re-leased that spirit , instantly the client sat up and the spinal issues that she had had for 40 years was gone, as it was not her issues but the issue of the spirit that had jumped the body at the moment of death, as this other driver had died of spinal injuries and was re-living the last moment of that memory, just prior to death


I will give you many case studies of actual clients, (Go to Case Studies) so you can see the variables that we are dealing with, yet at the same time you will see that failure of our western approach to the areas that we are obtaining results in and usually after only one session, to clear those dimensions. Do not be impatient, listen and learn to what I share with you, so can learn about your future and what you did to create the reality that you are stuck in.

First off I am and Aboriginal descendant and I acknowledge the spirit of my ancestors and the knowledge that I was born with in the understanding of LORE, this is passed down through in the blood line. As a teenager, I was able of do mind magic at parties,  I wanted to know how am I doing, what I could do, as I was never taught, but in growing up I was taught about our past culture and the clever-men of the past,  I wanted to understand more, so 50 years of research later, we are where we are today with the most advanced system in the world of understand how to deal with dimensions of reality and the multi-dimensions of man. and other forces that can come through from other dimensions of reality that can torment, the mind of man.

Note; This is not new, it is over 60,000 years of knowledge passed down through the generations but mostly lost due to stolen generation, where in the past father would spend a life time teaching his son about LORE ( universal knowledge) and that son would teach his son, this would be passed down the blood line, generation after generation, on some occasion the grandfather or great grandfather would incarnate down the blood line and come back as the as the great grandson or at times the grandson, so the knowledge would be passed own through life times of learning as they aligned themselves with this universe it would pass on its knowledge, thus its laws, known as LORE.

For in nature everything created is alive and every life form has a right to survival, as that is part of the laws of nature, thus LORE.

if you destroy the vehicle of another then  you violate LORE and as you destroyed the  physical body that belonged to that spirit and it was not ready to leave, then it has a right under LORE to continue living in the body of the the perpetrator, the one that killed it, that is any animal spirit or human spirit, we get people today barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken that at times is called turrets, we find the animal spirit that was killed and remove it and no more turret's. Why do many cultures thank the spirit of the animal that they eat, it is to respect and thanking that spirit for donating its body. there are also many other forces that can enter the body of a human when it is traumatized. When this takes place we hear the words , "I don't feel like me," "something made me do it," "I felt out of control," "I don't know why i said that, it wasn't me," "the voices in the head made me do it," We can label them all we want, the reality is they are real, and we must understand how to access and clear those dimension of reality that let these forces in and remove them, giving clients their sanity back. Usually it only takes one or two session.

A thought becomes a thought form, a thought form becomes a life form a life form has the right to survive, so it will reproduce only what it knows as its program, you become the host of your own creation, now your actions and re-actions becomes its intelligence and it is learning about what males you tick, as you re-act you feed it , it now can evolve into an internal created entity, where it can take over at will and you have what is known  under mainstream, compulsive disorders multiple personalities, bipolar,  schizophrenic, these are just labels, what we are dealing with is an intelligent  life form, that was created by the act of a thought or trauma, that is seeking survival and you are the host. As it does not have its own body at this stage it become an internal entity, man can also take on an external entity one that was created by another and has been set free and is looking for a host, the life form behind all living matter, once it takes a vehicle (body) it is a spirit. 

Below covers all members of our society, when it comes to mental illness, not only Aboriginal culture, for we are all multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional world.

Million of $ was put into royal commissions an what does it state;-

Royal commissions and inquiries-

 Bringing them home report – under cultural renewal. –


  • Bad health is not been connected to your spiritual being. This indicates those important parts of your life are not connected, being damaged by different forces not of our control or doing.


In the United Nations Human Rights and equal opportunity commission to mental health in Australia it states;

Chapter 23-


  • An aboriginal perception of mental health is holistic; there is no need to compartmentalize… Aboriginal mental health should not be viewed from a medical model of abnormality.

  • Aboriginal culture sees the health of the mind, the body and the spirit as inextricable linked.

  • Witnesses to the inquiry emphasized the fact that disturbed people are often perceived as a normal reaction to spiritual forces or a curse such as being ‘sung’. Rather than being physically ill, the person is considered to be spiritually ill. 


Royal commission into Aboriginal Deaths in custody overview and recommendations state.


  • Aboriginal people were swept into reserves and missions where they were supervised as to every detail of their lives and there was a deliberate policy of undermining and destroying their spiritual and cultural beliefs.


  • With loss of independence goes loss of self-esteem


  • It was essential to religious enlightenment that Aboriginal religious belief be obliterated where possible.


What I speak of may be out side of the normal reality of most, but so are the unresolved issues that are affecting millions today. A new approach is needed; Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is a science and a new approach that obtains results.


Our Aim is to Assist


  • This is first to assist the indigenous, to clear their past trauma’s of both the individual spirit and the genetic hereditary issues past down through the cycle known as time.

  •  Holographic Kinetics aim is to assist Babies, children, youth, women and men starting within the indigenous communities and training H.K pro-filer's to assist the clearing of any person with mental or emotional issues or suffering P.T.S.D that includes Soldiers of War, Mental health workers, Ambulance officers , Paramedics, Prison Guards, Emergency response personal ( triple 000  res-ponders) Train drivers, Bank staff, Police, firemen, Nurses and Hospital staff, Counselors,  Doctors, refugees,  War Trauma,Turret's sufferers, Epilepsy,  People in Coma. Car accidents victims, resulting in a death of a passenger. Repeat offenders (that are stuck in a dimension of times,) Sexual abuse, etc


 How Project reduces violence and other types of crime

  • Holographic Kinetics deals with the cause of why a person reacts the way they do, unlike the normal system that deals only with the effect. It then accesses an area of internal hyperspace where all things are omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and internal created realities can be changed at their point of juncture.

 Project evaluation

  • Holographic Kinetics has taken 50 years of research, 18 years in its development, and teaching, in that period of time it has been successful on thousands of clients. Most clients are phoned within a week, then about a month later and six months later, to evaluate the results. This has assisted in its development to the stage it is today

 Enduring Outcomes

  • Each created cycle is dealt with at its point of juncture and released; once the original creation of that effect is cleared it no longer becomes an issue.

Recommendation 151

  • That wherever possible, Aboriginal prisoners or detainees requiring psychiatric assessment or treatment should be referred to a psychiatrist with knowledge and experience of Aboriginal persons. The commission recognizes that there are limited numbers of psychiatrists with such experience.

The Draft declaration on the rights of indigenous people


E. Law-Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, Vol 1, No 1 [1993]

Article -13-

  • Indigenous people have the right to manifest, practice develop and teach their spiritual and religious traditions, customs and ceremonies.

Article -24-

  • Indigenous have the right to their traditional medicines and health practice, including the right to the protection of vital medicine plants, animals and minerals. They also have the right to access, without any discrimination, to all medical institutions, health services and medical care.

Article – 37

  • States shall take effective and appropriate measures, in consultation with the indigenous people concerned, to give full effect to the provisions of this declaration. The rights recognized herein shall be adopted and included in national legislation in such a manner that indigenous people can avail themselves of such rights and practice


What I speak of may be out side of the normal reality of most, but so are the unresolved issues that are affecting millions today. A new approach is needed;

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is a science and a new approach that obtains results.

The world is advancing continually into modern technology and yet Mental Health under the normal system is a failure recognizing only an external world.

Its time for a change we have the ability to teach the world an advanced Aboriginal mental health system that obtains results.

We also have to start to understand A.I (Artificial intelligence) It may be artificial but it is intelligent, it is a created life form of its own, how can that effect mans future, or is it already, i leave that for the experts to understand at this stage,  but if it violates LORE there will be consequences.   


                          MULTI-DIMENSIONS OF MAN


Holographic Kinetics does not use hypnosis or put clients in a trance, it recognizes the multi-dimensions of man, with man consisting of a life force called spirit, a physical and a soul all separate dimensions and all can be accessed separately, as each can be stuck within its own traumas, within its own dimension of time. Holographic Kinetics can also access and clear other dimensional forces that enter through drugs, alcohol, trauma and many other ways, this occurs as the drugs allow access to other dimensions of reality, this then allows other dimension to enter through reciprocal exchange of energy, creating the symptoms of voices in the head, multiple personalities, compulsive disorders and more.


For more information contact  or Ph. 0412455740


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