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Laws of LORE

The universe allows man to create any creation he wants to experience, it does not judge, it does not blame, it does not create guilt, but it does have laws.

The laws of LORE are that man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action and what ever creation you create, you in return must experience that creation as it was your creation and only by you experiencing your creation will you ever understand the experience as the giver and receiver of that creation, which in turn keeps balance.

As you have now experienced cause and effect .​

Only after assisting with the clearing of thousands of clients from around the world by allowing their spirit to take them back to the cause of their creation, so they can see what they did to set up the issue that is affecting them in present day do my students then fully become aware of LORE.

There is no judgment, for if you judge another, then you react and to react you have created an imbalance within you, then you have to look at to why you re-acted.



For you now experienced action and re-action.

Every thought is created, in its own dimension of time, that can be for a second, an hours, a days or years, once we hold on to a creation it needs to grow for its survival, now every time we react we feed it and it expands, as an internal life form, the reactors trap more internalized energy, only when we let go of what we are holding on to, can that creation contract back to point zero.



Internal energy create expansion only through contraction can we have balance

When we have a trauma, a shock or hold on and not let go, we trap in energy. This becomes internalization of electrons, that now crystallize at a cellular level.[ go to section Energy crystallizing}. As man consists of aprox.80% water; what happens to man when he becomes stuck with tunnel vision, through his ways and his thinking.

The similarity of when you crystallize water, it turns to ice and becomes hard and brittle. Just like water these man have to go to their equal opposite, the equal opposite to the ice is steam as it transmutes dimensions and creates perfect balance in the form of water droplets. Therefore man must let go and externalize what he has been holding on to for balance

You have then experienced internalization and externalization creating balance.

When man brings through an issue from the past, this becomes action and when in the present he re-acts to that issue, that action and reaction internalizes energy into expansion and set up the cycles of similarity into the future, from its created beginning until its end will govern its dimension of time, this could go on life time after life time, until externalized back at its creation, contraction to zero.

For these are the repeat cycles of time

Part of LORE consists of math's and geometrical forms as follows.

1). One represents a singular, a spirit, a being, an animal, a tree a cell, a molecule, a world, a galaxy all on separate dimensions of time.

2). Two represents duality whenever any two come together, we have two singulars creating duality, an electron and a proton, a male and a female.

3).Three is represented by the triangle, when any two integrate, they create through that integration a third, say spirit is blue and the ego is yellow, through integration we have created green. When any male of female integrate through sex we have a child, another life form. Any two, through integration, creates a third form, giving us three.



4). Four, the most powerful thing in the world is the tongue, what we say, starts the first form of matter into this physical reality, where it crystallizers, beginning with the alignment of platonic geometry, starting as the square and moving into other forms.

5). Five, when we call something in, we put the roof on the house and invite in other dimension of reality, this becomes the pentagram, interesting the shape of the pentagon in America . Don't invite anything in to your field, keep the doors locked.

Six when you as a singular [1] with intent of spirit [2] agree to integrate [3] and physically call in [4] something symbol and external [5] it internalizes energy, which is the spiral inward and traps that energy into the six.

6). Represent entrapment. The symbol 666 is man entrapment in the past, the present and the future through time, until those created realities are cleared.

7). Seven represents the harmonic change, at 90 degrees, a change in direction, either into the past, present or future, through dimensions of time.

8). Eight is stuck in the cycle of repeat pattern of time, over and over again, into itself, until a choice, to release that which is surfacing for you to look at, is looked at--with that, only the truth and acknowledgement of your creation, will set you free.

9). Nine is that acknowledgement from the past, in the present that can stop the future cycles of time. The 999 is the opposite to the 666 as it is externalizing the past, present and future created realities.


0). Zero represents 360 degrees completion of that cycle as it enfolds space/time upon itself, putting you outside of that dimension of time. Once that is done it no longer has an effect in the future cycles of time.

Man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action and no man can
escape his creation through the cycles of time!​​


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