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 Dimensions of Reality

Whatever man can perceive in his mind can be bought into reality.


Holographic Kinetics understands Dimensions of Reality 

My research started as a teenage when I could do "mind magic" and hypnosis. At times, I had myself scratching my head and question the possibilities of what I was seeing take place in front of the people around me and myself.

How could this be! I’d ask.

Nothing could have ever prepared me for the possibility of the things that were taking place around me--this was out of the reality of anything we had ever been taught. 


How one could put a person in an altered state and control their visuals, their smell, their hearing, their feelings and all their senses; how could a person shape shift on the table before your eyes?

How could you move a person back through time and have them move into the "future past", where they could predict the future, one-hundred-percent correctly in the present day, before it occurred. 

What is the difference between the spirit and the soul, how can you tell? If I could do this, what could governments do around the world with mind control and could it be reversed? These were just some of the questions that I have been given the key to and more.

Today, I believe our world is being controlled by another dimension that has entrapped the spirit of man into its game; and when you enter the game of another, you are governed by the laws of that game, by the creator of that game. 

The spirit of man chose a new game--in the body of molecular, mortal man. When the spirit entered, he was born into amnesia and forgot who he really was, and now the external control came into play. This is where entrapment through manipulation at the highest level was first created, way back in time; it started with initiations and rituals--which were man's free will into their game. 

The Aztecs, the Egyptians and most cultures through time, have preformed rituals that "call in" other forces; this is usually repeated lifetime after lifetime to reinforce their control over man within this dimension.

It started when man was offered the keys to knowledge, and to obtain that, through his free will and greed, man entered into secret societies; he was given position, power, and rewarded with financial gain, but what he failed to realize was there was a price to pay--and that was the entrapment of  his soul, through dimensions of time.

What they have failed to realize is that there is a "higher law" that covers all of the dimensions, and that is "LORE" [universal knowledge]...this is a way of the supreme creator--which we are all part of--of keeping a balance, as balance is needed for its survival.

Under LORE man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action; and what ever we choose to create in our reality, we must take responsibility for, and therefore, experience that creation upon ourself through that dimension of time, as it enfolds back onto itself--360 Degrees--for its completion.

After clearing thousands of people over the last thirty years, I have finally been able to put together the keys to how creation works; how the spirit can be free and how to create your own reality and keep the other forces out of your game.
This I teach my students, and I have found that eighty percent of people, at least, are being manipulated by other forces, and that dimensions are endless; they are all around us, some are sleeping or dormant, but could be awoken at any time. When a dimension is awoken from its sleep, which could be thousands of years later, it becomes active and continues growing where it left off, just as if that trauma, or event, had occurred only five minutes ago.

The client has no idea why they are feeling what they are feeling and cannot control what is occurring, for that dimension had never been dealt with, and therefore it is still active within its own cycle of time, until space/time is enfolded upon that dimension, back to its creation, and changed from ever existing--only then, will it permanently cease to be.  

Why do you think old people, before they die, revert back in time to relive trauma and events that they have never let go of? This is a way of their spirit activating these sleepers of unresolved issues and saying, "deal with it now or you will have to come back to set it up and deal with it all over again in  the future".

All old people need to be cleared before their death.


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