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Octaves of Spirit

All elements of matter pass through the nine and into the tenth octave, which is the start of another dimension as man consists of all elements of matter, man must also pass through the nine into the tenth octaves, and therefore so must all things including spirit, as spirit is light.

"I am the Alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, who is, and who was and who is to come" says the lord.

The alpha is the state of spirit, that was and is and shall be back again through the cycles of time.

1 to 4 ** In the beginning there was light[1], light is spirit, then as spirit moved through the nine octaves, transmuting into the firmament in the form of either[2]. Then into the Atomic form of gas[3]. Then gas atoms merged, through duality creating liquid in the form of water molecules[4].

5 to 6 ** Spirit then solidified into the form of element of matter, solids, and minerals[5]. Spirit then moved into density levels of life forms to become not aware, yet moving towards becoming minimally aware by taking on growth, trees, vegetables, plankton, algae[6], etc.

7 & 8 ** Spirit now becomes conscious of its being, yet not aware of being aware in the form of insects [7] Next spirit has a choice of moving into the area of being aware in the life forms of fish, birds, animals up to simians [8]. These are aware of being aware of the physical in this dimension, with the choice of free will and moving towards being aware of a greater consciousness, Humans and others.

9th ** Spirit now comes into Alien, Human or some other life form with a consciousness and at times freewill expansion, into telepathic and ESP with the awareness of being part of a group consciousness and of the dimensions of self, creating a soul and moving towards being non judgmental and aware that mind creates dimensional universes of reality.

10th *** Death and the beginning of another life cycle, with the awareness that spirit no longer need a physical body and that if in balance, with the supreme creator, the spirit and soul will be free, to choose its next dimensional universes of creation.

If not, they will reincarnate into a dimensional universe at the same octave level to live out Karma, the universal law of compensation created by the experiences of the free will choice until those imbalances have been bought back into balance with the supreme creator.

As spirit and soul moves into and through the ten octaves transmuting through into this physical dimension at about the 8th into the 9th octave, a merging of duality occurs and with that the creation of the physical body, [a triangle] and a new game is created. That game is now in the physical dimension, and belongs neither to spirit or soul, it is the creation of the intent of the duality of the two, a new creation, man to experience this unique dimension, through his free will and choice.

I believe at all levels just as all elements of matter transmute through the octave cycles from one form to another, this is how the alchemists of the past could turn any metal to gold by understanding the cycles.

Now as man has all the elements of the universe within him and as all above and below are the same except for dimensions, then man must also pass through nine octaves into the tenth for his next dimensional experience of time.

What I have found through the thousands of clients over the 40 years of research goes like this:

Density 1** [octave 1] Man starts off gullible, totally unaware and an easy prey for many other dimensions to manipulate as he now starts to move through levels of growth, the lowest level is cannibalism and living off survival and animal instincts.

Density 1** [octave 2] The next level man moves to is he has no emotions or feeling, he lives off instincts as other dimensions experience this dimension through his body he is still not aware.

Density 2** [Octave 3] Minimally aware, develops feeling of flight or fight, though he has no control over them, he is still an easy vessel for other dimensions to enter and experience this molecular dimension at their will, now these other forces can experience feelings through his body.

Density 2 ** [Octave 4] Starts to become aware, yet not fully aware of the manipulation of others or other dimensions, aware that there is something more than what has been going on in the last density level, aware of his consciousness, emotions and feelings and what he thinks is free will.

Density 3 **[Octave 5] Aware of being aware, and the desire to be in control of his emotions, feelings and thoughts aware of his free will to make his choices although he acts on response creating reaction. His own internal life forms, this is when the cunning games of entrapment start.

Density 3 **[Octave 6] Aware at times that there are other forces within you and manipulating your thoughts into doing and saying things that are not you. Aware that you want to be in control of you and stop the struggle and manipulation from within you. Now you have the invading forces worried your starting to take control and think for yourself.

Density 4 **[Octave 7] Aware of free will and start questioning the reason for ones existence, seeks answers through spiritual integration and growth, This is the level that other dimensions can't stand you being on, as they start to loose control of you, so they then bring out the big guns, and you come under attack. The attacks will come as they take over a body of someone who is still in a lower density level, easy to control, that person will be the closest person to you, your mother, your father, your son or your daughter, you closest friend, your neighbour, you boss, your teacher, it will be somebody close. While in the body of that person they will intimidate you, if that doesn't work they will manipulate you into a situation that they will set up, if that doesn't work, they will use aggression and if that doesn't work, they will use conditional love, such as, "If you love me you will, you don't love me or you would." etc. This is a final desperate act to having you drop your guard, so that they can gain access to you.

In relationships you will find sometimes one partner will stay in a lower density level, and the other will move into a higher density level, when this occurs it will be represented by a constant barrage of attacks by the lower density level being, towards the higher density level being by other forces.

Assist your partner by attempting to make them aware of the attacks, when one is being manipulated by other forces, they become aware that they are doing things that they have no choice of doing, or they may say things that they know was not them, it came out of their mouth, but they had no intention of saying what came out of their mouth.

Density 4 **[Octave 8] This Octave level is where one becomes stuck in the repeat cycles of time, it represents infinity cycling over and over again unaware why, man now becomes more aware of his independent, individual free will and choices and seeks more understanding of his internal world and integration with his spirit in an attempt to escape the repeat cycles of time.

Density 5 **[Octave 9] This octave level is about integration with his spirit and soul he becomes aware of Lore of ethics and integrity and dealing with the cause and effect of his created patterns, he becomes aware that there is no wrong or right but a point zero, where there is no swing and he is able to observe all games with non judgment, the true meaning of unconditional love. He becomes aware that everything happening now, has happened before and every thing happening now, will happen again unless he makes changes to the past, to change his future, his spirit starts to awaken from its amnesia, he starts to change by taking responsibility for all his internal created realities. so he enfolds space/time and changes the created patterns of the past which in turn change the future.
Density 5 **[Octave10] The last octave level is the awareness of all of the above and aware that they no longer need a physical body, and that if in balance with the supreme creator, the spirit and soul will be free to choose its next dimensional universe of creation. This world and us as humans, being a part of this dimension of time and space, is heading for the end and therefore the beginning of a major cycle that must end as we know it, allowing all humans and others that have reached the ninth Octave and are ready for a higher density level, to merge into the tenth octave which is the beginning of that next dimension of reality.

"The Alpha and the omega the beginning and the end all over again"

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