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Maths and Geometry

A circle represents 360 degrees ... a beginning and an end, and nothing is complete until it has enfolded 360 degrees back upon itself.

1: Represents Singular; a unit within itself; unique (always searching for its equal opposite companion).

2: Represents Duality; its companion and its equal opposite; law of duality; mind and matter.

3: Represents a Triangle; integration of duality; a perfect symbol; perfect manifestation; and perfect creation of an entity at its integration point.

4: Represents a Square; a complete number in itself; firmness; the first form of matter; and the start of platonic geometry as it squares itself into the cube.

5: Represents the Pentagram; a dimensional doorway; cosmic law of compensation; cause and effect.

6: Represents the external to internal entrapment of energy through the cycles of time. The “666” is not lineal, but dimensional--it represents the past, present and future of the spirit's entrapment through the three dimensions of time.

7: Represents a Right Angle; 90 degrees; the harmonic changes; and a powerful number for change.

8: Represents Infinity stuck in the repeat cycles through time.

9: Represents the internal to external; the release; and the end of a cycle.

0: Represents Completion and the start of another dimension; the Alpha and the Omega; and the beginning and the end.

Each Created Universe is singular, created by mind = 1(A) Singular.

Two created universes become 1(A) + 1(B) = Duality.

Two created universes, when integration takes place, become 1(A) + 1(B) = 1(AB) a Triangle--unity (agreement; combination of separate parts into a connected whole).

A triangle upside down represents the psychic world; transmutation into and from the invisible dimensions (the world below; the Underworld).

A triangle with its point up represents the physical-plane transmutation into and from the material dimensions (the world above).

A triangle above with a triangle upside down on top represents the integration of the world above integrating with the world below; the integration of the invisible world into the visible world.

One should be aware of any psychic work with an upright triangle or pyramid, as it could have detrimental effects, and transmute through into the physical world, although it could have tremendous healing effects if understood and used correctly.

When a person decides to do something, they--through their intent and thoughts--make an agreement with their spirit to create a universe of dimensions; a game of experience. We will call it the universal mind of man; universe “A”.

When universe “A” meets another created universe “B” (this can be a friend or your partner) and the creator of the universe “A”, through their free will, gives permission for the creator of universe “B” (your friend or partner), through their choice and free will, to enter into the game of universe “A” and become a co-creator of a new game, always as a creator and administrator of the original game is the universal mind that created that universe; in this case universe “A” will always be in control of their created game, unless universe “A” gives, through their free will, their power over to another universe through choice, or entrapment of choice.

At the same time, universe “B” through the choice of their free will, by entering into the created game of universe “A”, activates a cause to an effect; that effect being the law of equilibrium, as universal mind is constantly keeping itself in harmony and balance--that free will agreement now allows universe “A” into, as co-creator of the game, set up by universe “B”.

At all times, universe “A” and “B” are creating separate games of unity; two separate triangles are formed, each being a separate game and each in control of their created game.

Now, if universe “A” decides to invite universe “B” to integrate so as they may jointly share a game, then instead of two separate triangles being formed, a pyramid is formed, by the integration of the duality of the two; “A” + “B” = “AB”.

This new universal game, although separate from “A” and “B”, has now been created; this created universe “AB” (pyramid) needs an overseer, as this is no longer a game belonging to universe “A” or “B”. So, as the free will of both universes “A” and “B” had created this new universal game, which could attract many other universes into it, and as long as this game did not fully belong to either universe “A” or “B”, a new entity is created by the individual, separate intent of the two universal minds that integrated to create this new entity, and to oversee from the capstone (AB) of this pyramid and administer this new game.

Triangle and pyramid symbols

When universe “A” and universe “B” merge through integration, a new universal entity “AB” is created at the capstone.

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