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LORE is knowledge of the universe and when that knowledge is applied it unfolds like the petals of a flower awakening from its night sleep within its daily cycle of time, it consists of a system of laws and wave formation known as cycles, to stay in balance, swinging like a pendulum but always seeking balance as that lies between the two opposing forces, within all created realities, action and re-action, cause and effect.

LORE consisting of laws that covers all dimensions and if you enter a dimension of another through your free will you are then governed by the laws of that dimension and as an equilibrium to that dimension, whatever is in that dimension may now enter your dimension, and take over, for that is part of LORE to keep balance with all creation.  

Lore is linked to the laws of cause and effect, action and reaction, expansion and contraction, internalization and externalization and cycles of time.  


Knowledge of LORE teaches that every thing is alive and can be communicated to, and must be acknowledged and respected as a life form; even our thoughts and all  living creation seeks survival, within its own dimension of time, one dimension can transcend another dimension through time and just like the Fibonacci math’s, 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13, *=13=21, 13+21=34, 21+34=55, 34+55=89, 55+89=144, this sequence of numbers then enfolds onto itself, creating a Taurus field over itself and it starts to internalize energy and externalize growth into a crystallized molecular form. This is also linked to sacred geometry in the formation of the sea shell, the snail shell, the formation of trees and many other things in nature. 

Fibonacci link :  EWI's special Phi Day Web page.

How does this relate to LORE?   

Just like the Fibonacci sequence above, the spirit externalizes by bringing through action that has never been dealt with from the past hologram of time and as we now internalize and react in the present to that action, that integration of the past action, plus the present reaction, sets up the cycles of similarity from that moment on, into the future hologram of time.  


We now have the repeat offenders, and others, stuck in that repeat cycle of similarity from the past, not knowing why, as that created dimension of reality is alive and seeks survival, as its creation is all that it knows, until it starts to grow and learn, just as a baby grows and learns by their reactors, it is now becoming intelligent, as it gains knowledge and understanding and keeps setting you up to feed itself, which becomes the same frequency that created it, in the first place, eventually this created force takes on form and becomes conscious of its own consciousness and becomes the birth of a new internal dimension of reality known as an internal entity. 

Now this internally created entity, keeps the cycles going and eventually as you keep feeding it, by the repeat cycles of time, it can start to take over and at times come forward into the creation of what is known as multiple personalities.   


Man must in the present go back to the past and change that created dimension of reality at its juncture, in the past, once time enfolds upon itself, it creates 360 degrees representing completion and time will then loop itself and put you out side that dimension of time, only then will this stop the cycles of similarity from continuing into the future.

Not only within the internal created realities of the mind does time loop itself, but we are discovering time loops in the physical world of reality taking place. The ancestors of the past could step out of time and come back in through another dimension of time.

I have found that there are wormholes still active, especially to dimensions of the past genocide, our team have activated those wormholes bought the spirits through a surrogate on the table enfolded space time upon their past trauma, changed the past from ever occurring in the future cycles of time and released the spirits that were stuck earth bound in that trauma. Preventing that from ever occurring in the future cycles of time.

I have had eleven explosions take place in the sky, when we have sent clients back over several hundred, thousand years in the past to change events that had taken place, preventing the same event from occurring in the future cycles of time, I feel these explosions were time catching up to the present creating a vacuum through time as they occurred a few hours after the sessions.

I have learned that nothing surprises me any more, our world is not like we think it is, I do not believe there is any paranormal event that we can not access its cause.


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