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Holographic Kinetics

Spirit's Morphing

What I am about to explain will push buttons with many groups especially religious groups—With the use of Holographic kinetics I have made some new discoveries of the mind, [consciousness] the physical body, the spirit and the soul.

What I have discovered is that through reciprocal exchange of energy, if you are responsible for the death of an animal or a human or some other life form then as you have destroyed its vehicle [body] then under LORE it has a right to take over your vehicle [body].

Once it enters your body it can come through the Hyper-Taurus field with your spirit and when it moves into its new body then the two can merge as one and over time morphing can and does take place.

Man also consists of what he eats, thinks, speaks, intent, actions, calls in, puts out for and creates, all of the above will morph into his being and be seen in his physical form. Especially when you know and can recognize the signs and traits that are showing.

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1—Spirit of the bird, this was the first time we started to discover Morphing as one of the other students commented “isn’t it funny as she looks after birds all her life and yet she has the characteristics of a bird”! At first we didn’t take to much notice until we started seeing patterns with certain cases.

2—Spirit of the dog, with this case 4 years of testing couldn’t  find the cause of the psoriasis until we discovered the spirit of the dog and with its eczema that had entered the child, as the child didn’t want the dog to leave when it was put down, she trapped it into her field and the dog was morphing into her body in the form of the psoriasis.

3—Spirit of the Bull. I had not taken to much notice of this case until we started looking at some of the other cases and I realized again this man was  huge and was built like an ox, and he had the spirit of a bull in him.

4Spirit of a Cheetah. At the time I was not aware of animal spirits and how to access and remove them, since then I would like to get back and work on this client as he is in a mental institute having steroids pumped into him to stop the eyes from continually watering, His blindness seems to be linked to the spirit of the cheetah and morphing into him, as it is in his field.

 5—Spirit of the Bear, this was an interesting case when the spirit of the bear was removed and the client took off his shirt and turned around, his back his backside and his chest were covered in hairs up to three inches long and his finger nails were like claws.

6—Spirit of a woman killed in car. With this case, the spinal problem were not the clients in the first place, it belonged to the spirit of the women who died and was morphing into the client, from the head on collision the client was responsible for at the age of eighteen.

7—Winged serpent, these I have found are the most powerful of all the inter-dimensional forces that invade bodies and what we find is traits morphing of different species, usually with this species the shoulders are constantly moving back and forth as if a bad nervous problem within the shoulders, these are where the wings are as they on their dimension are constantly stretching their winged appenditures. At times the eyes morph or shape shift into slits the same as a lizard when these forces and other reptilian forces surface, remember they are invaders and have violated LORE and can be removed.

8— Spirit of a Crab, This is a real eye opener and can explain the old saying as wolf man, as the spirit of the crab has morphed through from the genetic hereditary line into the physical with the spirit of the son and the two have morphed into the physical world of reality, this is an eye opener for the Darwin theory.

Man must stop thinking in lineal terms but start to understand dimensions and dimensions of reality!   Go to Case studies for more information on these sections!

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