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For Decades Aboriginal Elders have tried to explain to the best of their ability, that we need to Heal the SPIRIT

To an ignorant society ( those with no exposure or with limited understanding) healing the SPIRIT is constantly changed to spirituality, this in turn has a religious connotation. Healing the SPIRIT has nothing to do with any religion or any ritual its about Healing the SPIRIT'S own trauma from its past.

As Aboriginal people, or descendants of the First Peoples, we acknowledge the living SPIRIT of a being to understand that all living things have a SPIRIT, every tree, every rock, every insect, every animal. We understand that each SPIRIT is evolving through time .

While the Vehicle ( body) may age, the SPIRIT is timeless and immortal and part of the greater continuum. The SPIRIT knows all and has witnessed everything throughout time, it has witnessed every moment. The SPIRIT is aware of the past, present and future.

Our Ancestors knew and understood this ; each language group had their own word that identified this greater connection in life. A word that encapsulated this timeless existence, where past, present, and future always exist. Today using the modern English language here in Australia, it is commonly referred to as the Dreaming, or the Dreamtime.

Many do not understand what the Dreaming means to Aboriginal people, how connected they are to it and how the Dreaming is interwoven into the fabric of their DNA , to their psyche and their connection to Country.

For Aboriginal people the Dreaming is more than a romantic idea, it is a direct connection to LORE and an accessible realm that is not separate from man, the Dreaming informs people. 

Today the language of quantum physics can interpret the fact that there are many dimensions, all things are connected and more than one reality exists.

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics works with the SPIRIT of a person to change the hologram that was created in a dimension of time,  a running program, that is repeating itself as a pattern through time, until we go back to the point of  its creation and change it.

Aboriginal people,  the First Peoples, understood that what they do today may affect generations to come. Every thought, every word, every action & every deed creates our reality. We are responsible for our thoughts, actions, words and deeds , for our reality.

We are responsible for care taking life and the Earth for our future generations.

We must awaken to our SPIRIT and remember LORE and bring our lives back into BALANCE.

All things are worked out, First in the unseen, This is the cause, Before it manifests in the seen, This is the effect

                                                                     "Changing the Past

                                                                           In the Present

                                                                     Creating a new Future 

                                                                                  Nothing has to be the way it was "

                                                                                                     Steve Richards

                                                                                                Founder & Creator of

                                                                                         HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS

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