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Future Seminars & Upcoming Events

Dates verified usually 4 to 6 weeks prior to events.

Contact me at steve@holographickinetics.com  for more information on the following:

From 2015 Forward:

 Please be patient, between clients, seminars, teaching and responding to emails, organizing overseas talks and teaching takes time and as most of you are aware, time is speeding up, so delays are inevitable. I will attempt to get to all of below as it unfolds, just be patient, dates once locked in will be sent to all on the mailing list.


- At this stage I will start organizing teaching dates usually a month to 6 weeks in advance

 NOTE ;- We are putting names on a waiting list, as a priority in most areas.

 All classes are Limited in size, we teach for quality not quantity, so get deposit in ASAP or you could miss out. Due to Covid-19 interstate travel is not possible from Australia.


                                 Teaching in Australia

- We will be at the Starlight festival in bangalow from 7th to 10th January 2021

--Melbourne in docklands Sat.16th to Fri. 22nd  January 2021

- Adelaide 30th january to 5th February 2021

--Byron Bay - date to come

- Morayfield Sunshine Coast Possible february 2021

- Perth- date to come

restrictions have been lifted on the border,  but not on social distancing, therefore limited to numbers in all halls and accommodation has doubled in price for students


                                         Borders still closed in many areas 


- Sydney possible 



                                                                Teaching USA


                                                                Teaching UK and Europe

If interested in any of the below countries, let us know ASAP


Spain,  still closed

Scotland, still closed

Germany, still closed



-                                                Contact;-   Steve@holographickinetics.com 






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