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Case Studies



Below is an exposition of concepts related to the practical and theories of actual cases by Steve Richards, author and founder, at no times do we use hypnosis, auto suggestion or lead a client.

When inter-dimensional forces surface, and talk out of the body, any person in the room is capable of hearing them, as they physically talk out of the body, below are just a few of the thousands of cases we have experience.

At times we have shape shifting taking place or metamorphosis, there is very little we do not understand and I believe that any Paranormal event can be accessed as all things created, were created within their own dimension of time and at times wormholes to other dimensions of the past can be activated.


- Spirit of Bird
- Spirit of Bull
- Spirit of Cheetah
- Spirit of Crab
- Spirit of Crocodile
- Spirit of Dog
- Spirit of Kangaroo


- Stolen generation
- Impatience
- Can't hold on to money


- Deviant acts
- Compulsion to wash hands
- Twisted jaw


- Into the future
- Seeing wife & daughter killed in the future
- Married through agreement of the past


- Overweight
- Asthma and anorexia
- Aboriginal past trauma



- Struggle not to burn daughter
- Three year old train trauma
- Locked wrist & nose picking
- Body burning up
- Attempted suicide due to failure of cultural duty


- Ex Viet Vets mental torment
- Raped and stabbed
- Ambulance officer attacked
- EX Brothel full of entities
- Tourette syndrome
- Mutilation of genitals


- Spirit of Bear
- Winged Serpent
- Reptilian Overlays
- French Lady shape shifting


-70 Year old skin rash
- Body takes on murdered relation
- Ex Brothel full of Entities
- Spirits from Grandville Disaster
- 13 Spirits, Draconian and Winged Serpents


- 365 spirits & others in one body
- Walk-Ins
- Spirit of 18 yr old from accident
- Spirit of women, killed in car
- Suicide in car
- Aboriginal girl hung and cut down


- Asthma & cinders from fire
- Bleeding from bowel
- White was Aboriginal
- Spirit around the house



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