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Density Levels of the Mind

There are four main categories of the mind that has been recognized, researchers have speculated that the brain can generate as much as 10,watts of electrical power. These four areas are known as BETA, ALPHA, THETA, and DELTA.

The BETA frequency wave ranges from 15 to 40 cycles a second. It is the state of arousal, the conscious choices we make; the active conversation; a strong engaged mind of focus and projection, I have found it is linked to the external physical conscious world of matter...and it is at times known as the "EGO."

The ALPHA frequency wave range is 9 to 14 cycles a second. It is a state of non arousal, the resting state, when we close our eyes we are in the alpha state, when we take the time to reflect or meditate we are In the Alpha state. I have found the Alpha state is the state of spirit sometimes known to as "intuition." This is the frequency that we can access the internal-created dimensions back through to their own dimension of time.

The THETA frequency wave range is 5 to 8 cycles a second, when a person starts daydreaming or when they go into a hypnotic trance or altered state of reality they enter the theta state. I have found that the theta state accesses the soul of a being, this is the external-created realities of experience in the physical dimensions through time.

The DELTA frequency wave range is 1.5 to 4 cycles a second, this is the deep state of sleep that we can go into or the deep hypnotic trance state. I have found that this area links the higher self when the spirit integrates at this level it enters internal hyperspace when spirit enters this dimensions all things become omnipotent [consisting of great power] omnipresent[ as all things past present and future are present at the same time] and omniscient [an area of infinite knowledge]


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