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Skeptic's Intent

One of the universal laws is like attracts like, but always seeks its equal opposite as balance lies between the two.Therefore, drug addicts are attracted to other drug addicts, alcoholics are attracted to other alcoholics,  criminals are attracted to other criminals the list goes on, as they seek people of like, for their comfort zone, but what they all need is the equal opposite, to be in balance. 

The first thing with any creation is intent, in you believe your house is full of dark forces then that is what you will attract, if you believe you are ill, then you will create illness, if you believe in fear, then you will attract fear so you can feed that thought form, within that dimension.

Your thoughts can manipulate matter, electrical items, cars, objects around the house. I was contacted by a person outside of Melbourne, it cost me a Plane fare down and back, and from the moment he left home to picked me up, his computer in his car was going berserk, he claimed he was been followed by CIA, aliens, men in black, every time a car went by he would comment, “see that’s one of them”, yet all the cars were different, but in his reality they were all the same person following him.

As the car computer was going berserk and I was aware that he was influencing matter around him to conform to his beliefs and his reality, I asked him for permission to work on it, I then commanded his spirit to stop it and stop it now, referring to the computer system going berserk. It instantly stopped and didn’t play up again while I was there. At the time I didn’t realize how paranoid this person was. Therefore in his paranoid world, I must be an alien or work for the CIA, I must have had something in my pocket that turned off the computer going berserk. I had just fed his negative reality. The intent of his reality was I was one of them, I gave him a session and it went back to when he was 4 yrs. old, and other dimensional beings were jumping up and down on his chest and it made him feel important. As he had given me permission to clear him, that’s why I went down there in the first place, so I had his spirit break agreements and remove them, he cried like a baby, stating, “that he felt different”

All of a sudden he was in control and didn’t like that responsibility, then he commented, “I liked them there, they were my friends”. I want them back! [Remember they made him feel important].

They had given him a purpose of feeling important in his reality, they were something that he could talk about to others of similarity, it made him important. I offered him a free session to find out where that dimension of feeling unimportant had come from and he declined, instead he stated, ‘I want them back’, my comment was, then you will attract them back and possible others, in which I believe he did.

Some people in life don’t want to put any effort into change they want you to come along, do all the work and make the change for them.

Laws of Lore: Man is responsible for his thought, word, deed and action, no one can change a created reality other than the creator of that reality.

I and other practitioners can only assist you to look at your own creation and only when you and your spirit have integrated the awareness and are ready to let go of that creation will it cease to be, as only the truth to yourself, will set you free.

I have found that there are four parts of man, there is the soul, the spirit, the ego and at times other forces that can be communicating or in control of a physical being, if you allow other forces in to manipulate you, then they will conform to that intent.

I believe the soul of man, has been manipulated by other forces and it has since the beginning of time, again we must seek that equal opposite, the acknowledgement of mans spirit, for only then will man be back in control and balance and free!

Be aware of other forces, they exist!--never call anything in—be prepared, when you are on the right track, dark forces will attempt to attack you in many ways, in an attempt to get you off track, they will usually use the closest person to you that they can access in an attempt to manipulate, intimidate, use aggression or then in final desperation, conditioned Love. Don't re-act. Stay as the observer of the game,

Remember the intent of a sceptic,  is to prove the justification to themselves that nothing works, therefore they will never find anything that works, as their intent creates their reality .

Listen not to those, that have not found the answers, as that will never exist, in their reality, but listen with an open mind to those that have spent years and been rewarded by their spirit with answers and outcomes, for their intent is in the right place.


WHAT IS YOUR INTENT? as This is the first law of LORE.


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