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Transmutation of Nature

Let's have a look at transmutation through dimensions
and try to understand them from a broader perspective.


We constantly hear governments and universities talk of “thinking outside the square”, and while man is within the square, he can never be the observer from outside the square.

All varying ideas of mind are registered in separate states of motion, which consist of numerous dimensions. Man's created universe of mind is a universe of dimensions; man's dimensional universe can entrap other dimensions, and can be entrapped by other dimensions. Within the created universe, the weaker force will always succumb to the more powerful force.

While universal kinetic energy is free to enter and free to flow, so are all diseases, thoughts and emotions--as it freely enters, it freely flows. Only when imbalance occurs, does potential energy occur, and then illness occurs. Whatever healing may take to be accomplished, the effect will not permanently cease, until the original cause has been removed.

The universe is based on mathematics and geometry creating symbols; all symbols embody an entity; and all entities seek survival and experience. Why do you think governments call companies and businesses an “entity”!?!

We look towards the laws of nature, as I believe nature exposes all of the answers--there, right in front of us, though for most of the time, we walk around with psychic “blinkers” on, unable to see or understand these laws. As an example, have you ever stopped to look at that beautiful silk scarf your mother may have had, and wondered where it came from?

Once there was this worm eating away at a plant. When the life force of that plant had assisted that worm to grow to its maturity, it manifested from the firmament through its being, a fine thread (we call it silk) and it carefully wove this creative cocoon around itself. There it put itself in a state of suspended animation and morpho-genetically transmuted itself into this fine looking moth--moving from one dimensional form to another--and left the silk behind for mankind to use as a reminder of the true understanding of the transmutation of the various dimensions of life.

Now let's have a look at you. Do you realize you once lived in many different dimensions of time and space, and that you, just like the silk worm, transmuted to and from different forms? Do you realise how unique you are, and that you are one in several million? You were once living a life with millions of others in your own unique world, all with the same type of bodies, yet all separate, and all attempting to survive and move into another higher form of life. The race for this growth of transmutation was on, and then out of the millions of your species, you were the successful one, and you as a singular unit in life followed the universal laws--of like attracts like--yet, life is always seeking its equal opposite, and so the journey was on ... and out of the millions, you succeeded to seek out your equal opposite and, between the two of you, you formed duality and integration.

This integration was neither you nor your opposite, but the transmutation of a new form created by the merging into integration of the duality by you and your equal opposite. A new life form in another dimension was created, for you were no longer a sperm, and your equal opposite was no longer an egg. You had now transmuted into a fetus, to live another form of life in the internal dimension of the womb of your mother--a dimension of growth, preparing you for a new experience as a baby. To grow and experience games of imbalances in this dimension of free will, expanding your awareness into the person you are today, and when the body you have in this dimension ceases to be, you will continue into another dimension.

Man, by the very act of his thoughts, words and deeds, creates internal dimensions of reality. These dimensions of reality are all within separate states of motion, within their own separate dimension of time. This time can be for 1 second, 1 hour, 1 year, 100 years, 1,000 years, 100,000 years, or over 1 million years. These years we refer to as “Earth molecular dimensional years”, as all of creation is only a cycle--from its beginning to its end. It consists of cycles within cycles, overlaying upon other cycles, and so on ...

I have found, within my thirty years of research, that a spirit has its own dimension of continuous time, and all of its separate physical lives within that cycle. It sets up its own past trauma through every one of its physical lifetimes, and when we are enfolding space-time back to that dimension of the cause of an effect, the spirit may “drop back” thousands of years to a specific age where that trauma was first created.

Spirit's original trauma and all of its created reactors must be cleared out of that dimension of time for that effect to permanently cease, through the following birth-death physical cycles of life time. This is where many practitioners go wrong when they activate a trauma--they only deal with it in the now, although most are only dealing with the soul, and not the spirit. All traumas must be dealt with at their original creation, or else that effect will be set-up again by the spirit until that created game is brought back into balance.

As man learns to move through hyperspace, he can enfold space-time upon itself

and change those dimensions of time back at their creation.


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