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Agreement of Entrapment

Every religion in the world talks of spirits, devils and entities


The western world is suppose to be the most advanced in the world, for man in most of the western world the etheric or spirit world is not real, to some it doesn't even exist in their reality, so they think!

WRONG! It is real and all things come first from the invisible then transmute through into this visible world of solid matter.

This universal law you cannot escape, you are part of it, start to understand it and become aware of it and its effect upon the body, only then will you be able to conceive the effect other dimensions are having on man in and around us on a daily basis.

What that means is, that the most powerful universal law, is the law of agreement, man must be consciously aware of all agreements that are made in his travels as all agreements are valid through time and space on all dimensions eternally.

Luke 11:17 & Matthew 12:25 it states:
"Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against itself will not stand."


If you and your spirit or soul are not in agreement, then your house your temple will not stand, there will be dis-at-ease within your subtle bodies, which will through time manifest through into the visible physical world, creating in your created world of reality what you have chosen, confusion, illness, disease, an imbalance of the free flowing Kinetic energy, which flows through the three subtle bodies in harmony.

Awareness is the name of the game, man must develop his awareness from a duality standpoint, understand that you are multi-dimensional. Man must learn to acknowledge his own spirit within, I sometimes call this his genetic entity as mans spirit is an entity, it is the same entity that has travelled through time and space taking on different vehicles, sometimes entrapped in bodies to experience different games on different dimensions.

Before your Spirit  took on the body it is presently in, it had to make an agreement with the soul, [1spirit + 1 soul] = duality, plus agreement to unite and through that union a triangle is formed, the manifestation from the invisible world into the visible world and the creation and manifestation of this physical body was formed.

This creation between the spirit and soul was the creation of the free will being in this molecular visible dimension, called man.

In MATTHEW 18:19:

"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my father in heaven."

If two independent naturally occurring frequencies, join together in phase, then a resonance occurs as their high and low equal opposite are reached simultaneously, both frequencies vibrate in unison and under these conditions the waveform created by the two frequencies, will exceed that which either could produce independently.

Symbolism and geometry within Lore 1a + 1b = duality [ a+b] , and when one agrees to integrate with another, then a pyramid is formed by A & B creating [AB] perfect manifestation into the physical realm, created by a merging of duality.

A new entity being created by the joint agreement and intent of both A and B is now created, the reality of an entity AB .

This entity at the point of the pyramid AB will always have an influence from the invisible, over all things within its created universe, keeping in mind that the intent of its created universe was of the joint intent of the individual intentions of both A and B .

In other words, if you [A] get together with a friend [B] and decide to start a new company [AB] and your aim is to make several hundred dollars a week for yourself after all the overhead has been paid, and this will be done by selling goods in the company, but your partners intent is to put a high mark up so as to make more profit on the goods sold, knowing that he is ripping the customers off, then the intent of the created entity [AB] is to rip the customer off and just make a few hundred dollars a week, then that is what will occur.

Now you go ahead and sell the business, the new owners are buying the business with the same entity still overseeing the company, the same thing will occur and they will be left scratching their heads, wondering why the business won't grow.

Amazingly enough with Holographic Kinetics that can be changed, by surrogating that created entity into someone with that persons agreement and sending them into hyper-space back to the creation of the intent of that created entity, then externalizing that creation and replacing it with a new creation back in time, when that is done, changes can then be made in the business.

I had an Insurance company ring me up, and ask if I could help, as they had heard about me through a friend, they had a problem with staff going off sick, and wanted to know if I could check out their office, on doing so I tracked the cause of the effect, and that was microwave cables, going up to the roof of a building, passing behind the wall of this office, with a huge microwave field extending out 3 meters from the wall where the staff had been operating from.

Six months later I received a request to come in and see them as they had bought a small office building, and ever since they had moved in they had trouble with all their staff fighting and being aggressive towards each other, totally out of character for their staff.

I first checked the building for electrical and microwave fields, this was quite good, I then walked through the building, to see if I could feel anything unusual, as I entered down stairs into the back office, I walked into this huge energy field, I walked three paces back then asked my genetic entity, to let me feel what were dealing with, I then walked in again and I could feel a room full of lost souls and entities.

I then turned to the managing director and made the statement, "What was this building before you bought it, a morgue?" A smile came upon his face as he stated, "well actually no, it used to be a local brothel before we bought it."

I then asked for permission from one of their staff and their spirit to surrogate all the entities that had been left behind in the building into that staff member, read them their rights, clear them and free them, this was done, checking of course that the staff member was all clear, as well.

A couple of weeks later I called into the office to see how things were and was told that ever since I cleared the building the total energy had changed, and that all the staff are now back to their happy contented selves.

The subtle key to free will entrapment is through the agreement of initiation or ritual, or to invoke external forces.

All one has to do in order to establish contracts of entrapment with the invisible world is merely wish, desire, demand, or insist and immediately soul personalities or entities that are always close at hand, rush in and complete the agreement of contract.

[Beware of your thoughts as they create universes of reality]


When you look outside yourself you become lost, you venture into the created universe of others, thus you become a co-creator of another's creation, and all this is done through intent and free will.

The mind consists of many dimensions, thought is by itself a dimension, and it is different from the dimension of sight, sound or feeling.

Sight apart from being a dimension of its own, is individual in its interpretation with each person, some may be colour blind and all they see is of a bluish colour or maybe brown, some maybe simply without colour, in the way that they interpret what they view within their sight

All of us will see and interpret in a different and individual way.

Mans created universe shall be what he desires it to be, for man is the construction of his own temple, through the intent of his own thought, mans thinking is his thinking, mans thinking has created all there is, that occurs in his life.

At death mans created universal mind and all of his intents, desires and karma, karma simply being cosmic law of compensation the cause and effects that have been created and have placed his universe into a state of imbalance, shall be recreated, so as to enable man to bring those creations back into balance.


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