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Time Loops


One of the most remarkable thinks that I feel I have discovered with Holographic Kinetics is time loops or looping up time

I have a client that pulls up at a set of lights, she then takes off, and half way through the lights a huge semi trailer runs the lights and is about 20 meters away, It blasts its horn and the client looks up and temporarily freezes the next thing she knows, is that she is on the other side of the lights driving home.


She arrives home to an angry husband that has been up most of the night imagining the worst.   It is 3 am when she arrives home four hours later than usual as she should have been home at 11pm. There was four hours of missing time and her only explanation was that she must have been abducted. 


The client came to see about being abducted instead her Spirit went back into the past parallel where every thing has happened before. What had occurred was that in the last cycle of time she had arrived and taken off from the lights and the semi came through hit her car and it took four hours to cut her out and she died at the scene.  


This time everything re-enacted itself just like in the past except at the last moment she accepted being hit and the moment she recalled and accepted that moment time looped itself and instantly put her outside of that dimension of time four hours later, thus she arrived home four hours later with new time track. 


I then started researching other people that had said I should be dead but something happened and I survived.

One person stated that they were speeding and hit a one way bridge at the same time a fuel tanker hit it on the other side there was no way off and no time to stop and they said the passenger and myself looked at each other and knew there was no way out and just accepted our fate that we were about to die, the next moment he states our car drove through the semi and out the other side, it was impossible to have passed it as there was no room..

I then recalled an event when I was young and riding a motor cycle-- at one time I was broad siding down the road about to go under a vehicle, I was less than two meters away and I remember thinking “oh well here comes a couple of broken legs" and the next moment something instantly put me in front of the vehicle it was impossible for me to have made that move in that split second, I remember it occurred the moment I accepted the fate of about to receive a couple of broken legs and instantly the change took place.

I had a client that was drowning out at sea and he recalled the struggle to stay afloat, then as he became more tired, he decided to let go and accept drowning, he stated, that he remembers letting go and that wonderful floating sensation as he descended under the water, the next moment he awoke on the edge of the beach, this was impossible as he had no explanation, one moment at sea the next on the beach, this I believe was a time loop.

I remember another client that stated his father threw a brick at him when he was young and he watched time freeze, as the brick stopped in mid air for what he felt was about two minutes and he stepped aside, then all of a sudden it took off and he watched it fly past where he was standing. "Did he freeze time and then step aside, as time continued"?

I realize that every thing is in its own dimension of time, from the moment of its creation as a thought, that dimension can be for a second, an hour, a year, one hundred years, one thousand years or more, It is only a dimension and is relative to its creation, It will set up cycles of similarity creating the repeat patterns in life until that created dimension has enfolded upon itself and only then do we have 360 Degrees representing completion.

When a client and their spirit integrates and acknowledges the cause of any created reality time instantly loops itself and that dimension no longer has an effect on that client from that moment on. I have found that all created realities are linked to their own dimension of time and once that created reality is acknowledged, time loops itself and that dimension is complete. Just as we change a dimension of time of a creation in the mind of a being, this can then also transmute into the external physical world of reality, for it is only another dimension.

We are now aware of accessing wormholes to dimensions of the genocide of the past, and changing in the present the past which in turn changes the cause and all trauma from ever reoccurring within the cycles of the future.

We have discovered that all around us, there are dimensions and all created dimensions have a life form linked to its creation, once that dimensions is created and you enter that dimension you are subject to the laws of that dimension, we are now looking at Black spots on the road as a dimension, this explains why people die in the same spot as they enter that dimension, which is a reality.

Holographic kinetics has the ability to access the life form known as the nucleus or spirit of any created dimension, once accessed that dimension can be changed for the future.

All created realities are within their own dimension of time


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