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Internal Created Entities


A client’s wife states, "My husband is a deviant, I can't even leave a women's magazine around, is there anything you can do to help?" I then turn to the husband and comment, "What's the story?" The client states, "All my life something takes over and I lose control"."No problem! On the table, and lets see what we are dealing with."

I then lock it in, and command it to surface. All of a sudden there is this strong Irish voice saying, "There is no way you are going to get me out of here, I'm having too much of a good time".

After obtaining permission from both the client and his spirit. I then proceed to ask, what we are dealing with, by going through a list of some of what I am aware of that exists in other dimensions, such as In-lines, Outlines, Spirits, Aliens, Reptilians, Entity, Overlays plus others. The clients spirit answered "Entity."

I then command this entity to step aside and command that the spirit take control, I then ask for permission to access back through time and space to the cause of the effect of the agreement of entrapment or the creation of this entity.

Permission is granted and we move through a wormhole into internal hyper-space where all time, past and future can be accessed, the clients spirit tells us the event occurred 2000 years ago, as we go back to the same time/ space location.

The client's spirit talking through the physical body states, "I'm a priest in charge of one of the temples in Egypt, I'm in charge of the 11 to 12 year old girls and I'm selling them off to the Noblemen, and watching the deviate acts being performed upon them."

The client was totally disgusted of what his spirit was showing him, we then externalised that event and replaced the void, with a positive affirmative event, that the client found comfortable and acceptable with, back at that same dimension of time.

Using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS I then bought the spirit back into present day, asked him to step aside, then called up the deviate entity, which had become a powerful force in the running of this body, it surfaced and was told that it is going to be removed from this body, there are two choices, it will be given the rights of its freedom, or It will be taken out and sent to another dimension a of time where it will not be able to invade any other bodies, it has the choice.

When man creates a reality by the act of his thoughts and holds onto that reality it becomes a life form of its own and through time becomes conscious of its creation, as its creator keeps feeding it, it keeps growing, in this case its food source is deviant acts, so eventually it can surface at will and activate its deviant acts becoming an internal created entity.

Its reply was " there is no way I'm leaving this body,"

A second chance is given, as I now read him the riot act.

The entity is aware, as all inter-dimensional beings are, that when entering this dimension, they will be governed by the universal laws that govern this dimension, and as I understand the universal laws that have allowed him to interfere or become entrapped in this body for the length of time it has, and that when these laws are enforced, then he will be homeless.  

The entity is now told to step aside, and the clients spirit is told too take control, as we now go in and break all agreements, on all levels and dimensions.The only thing is, if I was to let him loose under normal circumstances, then he would just go out and invade another one or two bodies, to set up the same game. “That's not on.” The entity finally agrees, for his own good to take freedom.


When this is complete, the entity is set free, the client feels lighter and clearer, than they have ever felt before, the issue no longer remained, the client is aware of everything that has occurred, as it is occurring, including having the entity speaking out of his body, knowing he is not in control of what is been said, although it is coming out of his mouth.

I find 80% of the time they choose freedom as they themselves have been trapped into this dimension and can't leave so they enjoy the game while they are here.

I once had a client on the table, he was a very big man, and these controllers had been interfering with him, I was going up line, so to speak and was four up, at the invader that was at the level controlling 50,000 and was reading him his rights to his freedom in this sector, when all of a sudden he breaks down crying his eyes out.

This invading dimensional being was what I classified as a Draconian overlay, his comment was. "They will not let me go, they will entrap me like they did last time."

I asked, "why do you cry when I give you your freedom"!? 

Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. That gives them the rights to know all I know about the game, so in there own created futures they will never fall into the game of entrapment, nor will they entrap or invade another, for they will be aware of the universal laws that govern such things. From that day on, a new agreement was added to the rights of their freedom and that is you have the rights to be aware of the game, so you are not entrapped by any beings higher or lower in this sector or any other sector or dimension. Now, as long as I know the game that is being played in our universe and world today, of how they are entrapping souls and controlling bodies of people in high places, to control the mass of our population around the world today, then once you access hyper-space it is.


This client came to me and was really worried. He had this compulsion where he had to wash his hands; it was getting worse as he was running to the bathroom constantly. Even when he and his wife went out, every time he touched something he would have to run off to the bathroom so he could wash his hands.

Using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS, we asked the Spirit for permission to access the trapped potential energy. In doing that, he regressed to a time several years earlier when he was working for a scientific laboratory. At that time his wife was pregnant with their first child, he was petrified that he might catch some form of virus that he might pass on to his wife, who in turn could pass it on to their unborn child. The thought of that as a possibility was so strong, that at the end of the day, he would scrub himself down to make sure he didn't bring anything home with him.

What had happened in the minds created universe of the client is that this thought had trapped the natural flow of kinetic energy, creating potential energy, [inverted electromagnetic energy flux], which in turn creates a crystal. The crystal now, will lock somewhere in the body. It could be in any of the organs, [kidney, liver, lungs, large. intestines] or in the blood, [as leukemia or blood poisoning etc.] or cranial [headaches, migraines, eye or hearing problems etc.] or skin [psoriasis and other skin problems] or in the arms, legs or other parts of the torso, or muscles as strained or weakened, creating problems.

As all universal energy is captured only through stress, the stress point in this issue was probably the hands, as while his is scrubbing away he is internalizing his thoughts, which in turn would be the area directing the Kinetic energy entrapping it into potential energy in the hands.

This trapped energy has now become a life form all it knows is the compulsion to wash hands, so when ever it surfaced it would activate its self and the uncontrolled compulsion to wash hands would take over

We then had the client with the use of HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS externalize this potential energy back at its creation. Which was years earlier, while working in the laboratory. We then change that event back at that time with a positive event, which will allow the kinetic energy, back at that time to flow freely, without being trapped, and the life force was removed, therefore that issue, will no longer remain as a problem.


I had heard of a new technique for healing called “Body Electronics”. I was interested in the results, that I was hearing they were obtaining, so I contacted the founder Dr. Whitman Ray and bought him out to Australia on three occasions to teach his system. At the time I was happy with the system I was using, though I always have an open mind, and am willing to look at and try to understand all modalities of healing, as they are all linked to universal laws, the more you understand these laws the more benefit and results will be obtained.

As I was happy with the results I was obtaining I was interested to see if this system had anything in it that could enhance the system I was using. I found it a very interesting and useful modality and when the two were combined faster and deeper results occurred.

On this particular occasion I was overseeing a room full of people, in groups of three, one on the table and two holding points on certain parts of the body, As I came around the two people holding the points on this client said an entity just came up and they commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus, and it left, so they thought.

This clients jaw had at one time being broken and was twisted half way up one side of her face, my comment was," lets check!"

I then used Holographic Kinetics, asking the spirit if there was any interference in this body, the spirit answered yes. I then asked what we were dealing with, it came up as an entity, I then called it to the surface, and up it came as the body started foaming at the mouth, like a tap had been turned on and it just kept coming, this went on for at least 5 minutes, as this struggle in the body took place, and as this entity overlay was removed, transmutation took place. When the process had finished, the clients jaw that had been twisted up for years, had straightened itself back to normal.

What had previously occurred, they like most people thought by commanding the entity to leave in the name of Jesus, that it would leave, well in a way it does, it leaves the scene and goes and hides somewhere else in the body, it then becomes what we call "a hidden".

I had been to many different religions as part of my research in this field, especially born again Christian Church groups, and I would watch in amazement as people would go out to the front and they would lay hands on them commanding the entities to leave in the name of Jesus. The next week the same people would be out the front again having hands laid on and the entity is commanded to leave in the name of Jesus, this would go on for months, even years with some people.

Jesus of Nazareth at no time said call me into your life, and heal in my name, he was never that egotistical, he said all that I do you shall do and more, he knew the universal laws of the trinity [tri], father [soul], son [human body] and the holy ghost [spirit] and he taught lore, when you understand the lore he tried to teach and apply it then you can obtain the results that we obtain.

The words he said was "many shall come in my name" making out to be Christ and will deceive many. I believe what Jesus was referring to was entities, they will deceive you and be any thing you want, just as long as they can get you to call them in, nothing can enter without your permission or agreement, and when you call something into you body, it will be pleased to assist and to be any thing you want.

Some of the most confused and difficult clients I have ever had were born again Christians, they were so full of fear, and kept giving their power away to their pastors, their church to entities that were making out to be Jesus Christ and any body else that came along, but when it came to taking control of their lives and their created problems, it wasn't on, it was always someone else's fault they were going through what they were going through, and the only person that was going to save them was Jesus.

I bet Jesus would be turning over in his grave, if he knew the problems that had been created in his name, the millions of people around the world over the last 2000 years that have been killed in the name of religion, when are the people on this world going to wake up, he was crucified once for the people, to make them aware and think, how many times does he have to be crucified for them before they wake up and take responsibility for themselves. I believe when he said father forgive them for they no not what they do, he was aware of the cycles of time that must enfold upon them, for no man can escape the cycles of time

In his words "go forth and sin no more".

Let go of your past wrong doings, value them as you learn by them, as you are the creator or all that you do by the act of your thoughts, learn by that experience in time, then let it go, forgive yourself and move on, other wise you become stuck in time, always dropping back to that time and that memory to recreate until you learn and bring that dimension back into balance.

One cannot move foreword, whilst one is stuck in time.


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