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Lowering Defenses

This client was bought to me by one of my students, as she would often bring clients down that she felt were beyond what she could achieve.

This client was 70 years old and had a bad skin rash, which she had most of her life. The client also stated that she feels like she is not here, like she doesn't belong as if she has been abandoned and feels terrified, panic, anxiety and sickness.

It didn't take long and her spirit was back at the cause, the next moment she is crying hysterically as the spirit is reliving being burned at the stake in a past life and the skin is burning and blistering all over the body this spirit stated was the cause of the skin problem.

I often find that the trauma around a death will be the last active dimension and it stays active setting itself up again in the future,until time is enfold back upon that dimension. We then had the client in the present, change that created moment of the past, to change the future of the cycles of that dimension.

One of the other major things that came up was the spirit back in its past life reliving the trauma of mother drowning, she became hysterical as the spirit relived this event, making her feel a sense of loss back in that moment of time. That event had followed through with the loss of her child at a young age also the death of her mother through suicide. I then asked spirit who did this issue belong to was it this person, was it the spirits was it another.

It indicated that the trauma was the mothers that were trapped within this body as the client had wanted to hang onto the mother after she drowned in the past life. Thus entrapping the mother's spirit within her field.

On clearing the mother from the past, we checked to see if there was anything else that was interfering with the running of this body. Her spirit indicated yes that there was another spirit trapped within the body.

"At what age did this spirit enter?," I asked.

"At the age of 11," was its reply.

"What happened at eleven I asked?"

"I was in hospital for an appendix operation and I was very sick."

I then asked the clients spirit is this when it entered. The spirit stated "yes."

I then called it to surface and when it did it screamed, ‘they abandoned me, they abandoned me!' Who abandoned you I asked. "My mother she dumped me at the hospital and abandoned me,." "What happened then?" I asked.

I died of starvation, the spirit replied.


I then asked the invading spirit why it invaded this body.

She was young and fresh and I didn't want to die, I wanted to live so I moved into her body while she was weak.

We then had the invading spirit go back to the trauma of the cause of the effect of being dumped and had it deal with all its created emotions at that moment of time and changed that created moment of time.

We then had it agree to leave and had the client break agreements on all levels and dimensions preventing this event from ever occurring in future cycles.

This client was an American and had been around the world, trying many different modalities in an attempt to rid herself of the fifty-six years of pain throughout her body. The doctors on many occasions had stated that she had all of the signs of syphilis, although she never had syphilis.

Prior to the session, the client had an aura photo taken and there was a large hole in her aura.

After obtaining permission from the client and her spirit, her spirit indicated that the cause of this effect was at the age of six.

I asked, “What happened at the age of six?”

The reply from spirit was, “I moved into a new house; it belonged to my uncle and he killed his two children and committed suicide, and then we inherited his house.”

Due to being aware of certain signs that I have come across before, I asked the spirit, “Have these spirits moved on, or have they invaded this body?”

The client's spirit indicated, “They have invaded this body.”

I then commanded the invading spirits to surface, and the next moment, I had an eighteen-year-old youth talking out of the client's body.

I then asked, “What happened, and why did you invade this body?”

The spirit of the eighteen-year-old stated, “I was having a shower and dad walked in with a shotgun and shot me. I didn't want to die, so I moved into her body.”

I then enfolded space-time for that spirit and had him change that dimension of time. I then called up the spirit of the daughter and asked, “What happened?”

“My Daddy shot me; my daddy shot me! Why did he shoot me, why?” came the reply.

I then enfolded space-time for her spirit and had her change that dimension of time. I then called up the father, and asked, 'what happened?'

He stated: “I had an affair behind my wife's back and caught syphilis. My body was full of pain and I knew it would go through the whole family in the future, so I thought I would kill the kids and myself to save them suffering in the future, which I did.”

I then asked the spirit of the father, “If you could change the past from ever occurring again in the future, how would you want it to be?”

The spirit commented, “I wouldn't have the affair, and therefore, I wouldn't catch syphilis, and then I wouldn't have to kill the kids, and then I'd spend that time with my family.”

I then had that spirit enfold space-time back to the cause of the moment in time and change that dimension of time for the future. I then had all three spirits agree to the terms of their freedom and then be released.

The moment that the three spirits were released, the client sat up and stated, “My god, fifty-six years of pain gone, totally gone!”

I then had the client go over and have an aura photo of her energy field and it was perfectly balanced--the hole that was there prior to the session was now gone.


I was called in by an Insurance company, as I had successfully cleared a friend of theirs that was having trouble with illness due to the business, this Insurance company was having their staff in the office getting sick all the time and they had no Idea why, It didn't take long to find as their were massive microwaves coming out from behind the wall up to 4 meters away, and the staff were within one meter from the wall, so they decided to move.

Three months later I get a call from them that the staff are doing things out of character and they don't know why, I check out the building for microwaves, electric fields, electro magnetic fields and they all show OK.

I then ask if it would be alright if I walked through the building and feel the energy, permission was granted.


I asked my Spirit to let me feel what we are dealing with , I then proceeded to check out the top floor we were on and could not feel anything unusual, I then walked down stairs to the lower level and all of a sudden I could feel a wormhole to another dimension. I stepped back couldn't feel it, stepped forward and again I could feel it, I did this three or four times, so I then stepped into that dimension, boy could I feel heaps of energy in the form of spirits and entities.

I then asked, “ what was this building before you bought it, was this the local morgue?”

The owners looked at each other and had a chuckle then replied, “No this was the local brothel”.

What had happened the tenants had moved out but not the spirits and entities that had come along for the free ride, so I borrowed one of their staff and surrogated them all into her, then I read them the riot act and removed them all, I then made sure the staff member was clear and only her spirit was in her body.

A week later I was told that the staff are all back to normal and that the energy in the whole building had changed for the better.

Another successful day at the office!

This client was bought to me by another practitioner who stated that his client goes off somewhere and at times other big things surface and he doesn’t know what they are or how to deal with them.

I started working with this client and his spirit indicated that it had other forces within its field, I then commanded them to surface and up they came, not one but a whole batch of them.

Why so many in the one dimension I thought, so I asked, “when did all theses forces enter” and the spirit stated, “at birth”. It didn’t take long and I realized that it was another spirit talking out of the body, not the one that owns it. I commanded the spirit that was allocated this body to come foreword and the next minute the original spirit came foreword. It stated that it didn’t want the body and it turned out his mother had 14 children 13 of them had died at birth and the 14th one had survived, the only thing was that the spirit that was allocated this body didn’t want it, so one of the others that had died previously had moved in and taken over.

Now as the original spirit didn’t want the body a whole batch of other had decided that they too wanted this body and some of them were big and when they surfaced the shoulders started flapping, this is usual when we get a winged serpent surface as they start flapping their wings and the bodies shoulders start flapping away.

As I called it up to read it its rights and remove it, it started screaming and hissing and throwing the body all over the place, it was determined that it wasn’t going to leave.

I realized that we had to have the spirit take control and as the original spirit didn’t want that body so I got it and the spirit that had died previously to make an agreement giving the body temporarily to the other spirit, this was agreed upon. Now I got permission from both spirits to take control of the game this I got, that now meant that I now controlled the game and any entities or spirits or other forces were now trapped in my game and I could now deal with them. This I did, and I took about 10 big powerful ones out, they had all previously been battling for control and non of them wanted to leave, boy were they pissed off as I removed them from his dimension.

This client decided to do my course, which was great as it gave me more time to access other dimensions and also to find out why the original spirit didn’t want that body. On letting the original spirit know that every thing happening now has happened before and every thing happening now will happen again and as he didn’t want to come back and repeat this all over again so therefore are you prepared to look at why you didn’t want to be born, he finally agreed.

It turned out that the spirit was on the planet in an amphibian type of body prior to the big bang or collision that had taken place with the moon of another world and that they had misused their planet just as we are misusing our planet today and he was so emotionally upset over what had happened that he made a decision that he didn’t want to come back into another physical body or experience it all over again, so he didn’t care who took his body

I then had him take back control of his body and removed the other spirit who’s body had died at birth and changed the past for the future as he had decided, to be born in the next future cycle of time.


Massive changes could be seen in the client after clearing all the hitch hikers out, he was glowing These Gargoyles and winged serpents are the same ones that are depicted on the churches in Europe. They set up the game of control through fear using the church.


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