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Shape Shifting

This would have to have been one of the strangest cases that I have ever dealt with.

When the client arrived, he showed me both of his arms at the elbow, and there were scars on both because of an operation. He stated that both of his arms had been broken by an invisible force that had tried, on many occasions, to kill him.

I then asked, “How, and when, did it first start?”

The client stated that it started nine years ago when he went to a party and got drunk. The next morning he was awoken suddenly by some guy on his chest, punching the “living daylights” out of him and accusing him of stealing something.

The client also stated that he had never felt so petrified in his entire life, and from that day on, this thing had surfaced within him; it was huge and had thrown him down flights of stairs and across rooms. It had, at times, jumped out of his body and into the body of his girlfriend. It then ripped hunks of hair out of his head and clawed huge scratches in him. At times, it had even attempted to throw him out into moving traffic. When it surfaces, it throws him around the room with ease, as if he was a rag doll, and he had no way of stopping it.

He then asked if I could help, as he just wanted this thing gone!?! He had been to heaps of practitioners and none of them could help.

My comment was, “Let's find out what we are dealing with!”

I started by asking the spirit, “What are we were dealing with?”

It indicated that this thing was outside of the etheric field.

I then asked for permission to call it through; this was granted.

This thing not only surfaced, but the body started to physically shapeshift on the massage table. The client's mouth extended out about another inch and he started to yawn--his whole mouth had changed form into this extended, long narrow shape, and this thing was yawning constantly and belching continually.

My assistant ran out and came back with a bucket, as this belching was at least twenty-times greater than a human could do, and we thought he might be sick as this yawning and belching continued.

I asked the spirit what was I dealing with? I went through a list of about thirty different inter-dimensional things that I was aware of at the time, and none of these came up. I was stumped; what was I dealing with?

I have learned that the universe is perfect in all that it does, and although I was at a standstill, I knew the person's spirit would give me a key to what I was dealing with, and it did.

I had a friend staying for a week and she was a psychic healer. This woman could see into other dimensions, so I asked her if she would come into this created game and see if she could see what I was dealing with. This was agreed upon.

As my friend accessed the client's etheric field and onto his T1 (individual time line), she stated, “Oh my god, it's a bear. It has just bitten off his right arm, broken his left arm and is clawing him to death.”

I then asked the client's spirit, “Are we dealing with the spirit of a bear?” And it indicated, “Yes.”

I then asked the client's spirit how far back in time did this bear become trapped in the field of this being?

His spirit indicated that the cause to this effect took place 1,500 years ago!

I then sent the client's spirit back to that internally-created dimension of time--back to the cause to the effect of that created event.

The story now unfolded as the spirit of the client was reliving the event that occurred 1,500 years ago. He stated, “I am a hunter and I have just trapped this bear. I thought it was dead, but as I approach it, I see that it's not dead and it turns on me. It has me down and has just bitten off my right arm, broken my left arm and is clawing me to death; I feel petrified as I am dying.”

What has occurred is that both he and the bear are full of fear, as the bear is also dying. They both die and create an integrated universe of fear, which they are both trapped in.

This internal, integrated universe had become a sleeper and was awoken nine years ago, when the client awoke with some guy on his chest belting the daylights out of him. As he had never been so petrified in his entire life, this petrified, internal creation had triggered off this sleeping dimension, and the bear was also trapped in it--the yawning and belching was the bear coming out of its hibernation as it awoke and wanted out of his field.

That wasn't all!

At the end of the session my assistant commented, “Look at his arms and his fingernails!” We did and the hairs on his arms were at least an inch long; his fingernails were the longest fingernails I had ever seen on a male--they were more like claws.

The client then commented that now made so much sense, as all of my life I would wake up having nightmares about being attacked by a bear. He then took off his shirt. The hairs on his chest, and all over his back and backside, were three-inches long. The spirit of the bear was gradually attempting to manifest into this reality, as it was trapped within the client's field.

On looking back over that case, I see a pattern that I had seen before. This is what is known as “reciprocal exchange of energy”. If you are responsible for the death of a person, an animal, or any life form that is not ready for death, and you are responsible for cutting short its life, then it has the right to continue its life in your body, unless its intent was to kill you, then you have the right to defend your being--and it commits suicide by its own act.For this is Lore!!!

I have found that this has occurred with a number of ex-Vietnam Veterans, as they had the spirit of ex-Vietcong trapped within them.

Since this case I have had many other animal spirits trapped within the body of the person that was responsible for its death. I am also finding that transmutation, or morphing, can take place as the person can take on the characteristics of the animal in many ways, at times creating turrett's syndrome, this is where at times the person can starts barking like a dog or plucking like a chicken or have some other animal characteristic that they cannot control.

This like most of the others, can easily be cleared with Holographic kinetics.

This client had come to me as she could not lie down at night because of the pain that, at times, had her in tears.

As she had had a previous session and the pain had slightly eased, she wanted to do my course hoping that by the time it was done, we may have been able to help her some more. It was the second day into the course and she said that she had this “thing”, and it had surfaced in her body last night. It had come up before; it was big and powerful, and all of her friends got out of the way when it surfaced, as it had tremendous strength. Do you think we could get rid of it she asked?

As she was standing there, I spotted its form within her body, as her shoulders were moving back and forth--it was big and it seemed to have wings.

I was teaching the students how to read the body and as I looked over, I noticed that her eyes were in third stage stress. As I pointed out to the class what third stage stress was, I looked into her eyes and the body jumped back about a foot, and her features changed as this thing came to the front; it knew and was starting to get scared--it didn't want to leave its host. I asked her, “Are you ready to go on the table for a session?” She said, “Yes.”

I then asked both her and her spirit, “Do we have permission to clear any inter-dimensional beings that may be interfering in the running of this body today?” Both stated, “Yes.” We had the agreement.

I called it up and it was powerful! It screamed out to me, “Fuck off you bastard, I am not leaving!” And it did everything it could to throw me off, or out of the field. It was big, powerful and ugly as it transmuted through, and physically started to shape-shift within her form, cursing and threatening. Finally we accessed back through time, back to its creation over 10,000 years ago, where the body was originally taken over through rituals.

I then had her spirit change that created dimension of time, preventing that from occurring within future cycles.

It had taken about twenty minutes to remove this one; he was one of the highest controlling species that I am aware of in the inter-dimensional control game. He was one of the winged serpents--this species usually stays hidden as they control the Draconians, who in turn, control the Greys.

It took her body another five minutes to re-adjust back to its original self.

The whole room saw physical changes within her face, and the pain that was checked by a doctor before. He then re-checked the body and the swelling that was previously there, was now gone, and also most of the pain.

If you call in other forces through initiations or rituals, you--through your free will--open wormholes to other dimensions, and other forces can then enter and take over.

That case was about the year 2002, since then I have accessed and assisted clients to remove hundreds of these winged serpents. Some have shape-shifted - hissing, spitting and threatening me, but they are violating the laws of LORE and can be dealt with, for LORE covers all dimensions and it surpasses and is the highest of all other laws.

I received a phone call from a hypnotherapist in Adelaide. He stated that he had had a client the other day and that he had never been so scared in his entire life, as an entity of some form had surfaced in his client and freaked him out. He said he gave the client my name and phone number as he knew if anyone could help him, I could. My comment was, “Great, I love a good challenge! I'll let you know how I go, if he rings.”

Within a week the client and his girlfriend flew up. The client told me that he had seen over twenty practitioners, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and no-one seemed to be able to help. There is this “thing” in there and I have no control when it surfaces.

My comment was “Great, no problem! Let's see what we are dealing with.” After obtaining permission from both the spirit and the client, I then asked what we were dealing with by going through a list of inter-dimensional interference that I am aware of, and it came up as “Reptilian overlays”.

I then went to the head area and was holding onto the STO points and neurovascular points on the head. While I held these points, at the same time, the invaders surfaced and the body was thrown one to one-and-a-half meters into the air; this whiplash effect was throwing the body into all sorts of contortions, and at the same time yelling out of his body, “Leave us alone; leave us alone. We need this body; we need this body!” Meanwhile, I'm hanging on and there is no way that they are going to throw me off, as that is their intent. So, as the body was being thrown around, and I'm hanging on, I told them that this body doesn't need them and he has the right to his freedom, which he has chosen to take.

I commanded that the spirit take control. This occurred and the body settled down, as I asked for permission to access through hyperspace back to the cause of the effect--being the time of the agreement of entrapment.

This came up as being prior to birth. I then checked if it was from a past life; the answer was, “No.” I then checked to see if it came in through the genetic hereditary line; the answer was, “Yes.”

It ended up going back to the great, great grandfather. The client was there in hyperspace reliving the hologram of the event of the agreement of entrapment. He saw his great, great grandfather's body being taken over through his agreement of initiation through a ritual, as he moved up the scale of the secret society as a 33rd degree Freemason.

When one goes through initiation rituals within some of these secret societies, they do this using their conscious free will; they enter the game of these forces and become subjects to the creator of that game. They make powerful symbols that open dimensional doorways and invoke forces from the unseen world--this becomes a valid universal agreement that can be valid through time and space eternally.

The first to enter into the body is an apprentice entity, and with each degree, a more powerful entity takes over. By the time they reach the 20th to 25th degrees, their thoughts and actions are no longer their own thoughts and actions--they are being run and controlled by unseen forces. They will always try to justify their actions, and by the time they reach the 30th to 33rd degrees, this then becomes an overlay--a powerful force--that merges, holographically overlaying itself throughout the body and which can now totally run the body, down to a cellular level. The original spirit and soul have been entrapped within their own body, no longer able to control it.

Once an overlay has control, through the free will agreement that was given to it, not only does it have control of the body, but it also has control down the genetic line for about seven generations, as had occurred in this case.

I then have the client, using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS whilst in hyperspace, externalise that event by enfolding space/time and change the agreement made by the great, great grandfather back in that dimension of time, preventing that from ever occurring again within the future cycles.

The fun has just begun! I now call up the overlays, and as they surface, I start reading them their rights of their freedom. I start with the apprentice; he is the one in charge of that body. Then comes his controller; he is in charge of apprentices. Then the next controller; and then the “big boys” ... they can control up to a million humans!!!

Whenever I came across the controllers and asked if they were being controlled, I always got the same answer, “No.” When I asked what gave them the right to control those below, the answer is always similar, and that is, “We have the born rights.”

This is similar to the born-rights control on the physical by the blue bloods; the royal line of Titans, which were put here to control the planet.

I will explain more about this area, involving the game of control, at a later date.

I then continued calling them up and reading them their rights to their freedom, as they on their dimension are also being entrapped, into a position of control. And just like the body they are controlling is unaware of how to escape this entrapment, they too are unaware that they have the rights to their freedom, in this sector of space, regardless of dimensions as LORE covers all dimensions.

This is a powerful universal law, and if the creator of a universe decides to change his creation, then only that creator can change that creation. As long as man's created universe of mind is a universe of dimensions, then man's dimensional universe can trap other dimensions, or can be entrapped by other dimensions. And as the most powerful force will always succumb the weaker force, when man takes back control of his created universal agreement and breaks all of those universal agreements back at their creation, he then takes back control of his body and soul on all dimensions.

This is done to make sure that the body invaders don't agree to leave, and then go back inside and find a new area to hide in. If this occurs, they are called, “Hiddens”, as not all entities want to leave, and if they can fool you, they will.

The client then sat up, and commented: “Wow, what was that? I've never felt so clear! I felt that my head was in a vice and I had no control as I was been thrown around the room; I cannot believe how light and clear I feel.”

A year later I saw him and he was still clear. I had explained the game to him, so I wouldn't expect him to open any doors or allow anything else to be able to return.

Note- that I do not use the physical, as that is the external body and all about struggle; I slide and allow my spirit, the internal body to take over, that is energy--they cannot get through the field of energy, I have had many clients after a session comment, 'that this thing just wanted to smash you in the face, but it couldn't get through the energy field".

That is also why it takes up to 10 people to hold someone down when these forces surface, because the invisible world is more powerful than the visible world. If mental health staff were trained how to access and deal with these forces, then one person could hold them down with energy. They could also then clear the patients of these forces.

This client had discovered the areas I deal in from accessing my web site; her and her Husband had flown in from France.

She was only a young woman in her early twenties and she had a few events happening in her life that no one could help her with, as she could recognize cases of similarity from my web site, so they had decided to fly in for a session or two.

I started accessing the spirit of the women, then the next moment total shape shifting took place and instead of a lady in her early twenties, I had an 85 year old Chinese grandmother curled up on the table talking to me in Chinese.

I proceeded to ask her spirit to go to the cause of the entrapment of this Chinese spirit and it indicated that it was linked to a past life.

I then asked the spirit to go back to that pass life, so we can change that moment of time and release this spirit, the next moment the lady is sitting up and shape shifted back to her self and stated “I am a Roman Catholic reincarnation doesn't exist, this can't be happening."

I then commented to the women, “You are the one with the issue, not me, it is your spirit that has indicated out of you, that it was linked to a past life event!” In that case, come back next week and I will surrogate your spirit into one of my students and send him back in time, on your behalf instead!

I had two of my students there, when she arrived a week later. It was an eye opener for them, as they had not seen shape shifting before. It didn't take long and up came the Chinese grandmother, so I then surrogated the women's Spirit into one of the students and had her spirit express out of the student what had occurred in the past to entrap this Chinese spirit in her field.

I have found that one of the most powerful things is man's belief system, as your beliefs can override anything. If you believe you can achieve something, you can. If you believe you are ill, you will manifest an illness. The universe will conform to your reality.

All beliefs are external created, by projections from what we learn usually from another and as we grow and experience this external molecular physical world; these experiences become part of the soul.

Man must put all beliefs aside and integrate with their spirit for true healing to take place as only through integration with your spirit can you understand your created reality, and through that acknowledgement of your created reality will that truth set you free from the cycles of time.

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