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Spirit's Past Life Trauma

I have had a number of people look at their asthma and have found some interesting similarities with their spirits stuck in past life trauma.

The mother of this client came along with her fifteen-year-old daughter and the daughter said that she would like to work on the cause of why she had created the asthma.

On obtaining permission from the girl and her spirit, her spirit indicated the cause of the creation of this event was created in her last life, at the age of one. We then accessed back to that cause and the client was reliving a past life as a one-year-old.

She stated, “I'm a baby and I'm lying on the floor over near the fire place. Mum's nowhere around and I'm by myself in a basinet in the middle of the room. And then a log in the fireplace explodes and a hot cinder flies out of the fire and lands on my hand. I'm screaming, as it burnt me. Finally mum hears me and comes in and runs my hand under cold water.

The only way energy can be captured is with stress, thus the stress point of the body is the lung, through her screaming--the trauma was locked into her spirit. I then have the client's spirit externalise all of the trapped energy in that internally-created dimension of time and replace that moment of time. (When you change the past, in the present, you change the future.)

I then asked the spirit if we could go to the first age--in this present body--that the sleeper was activated? Permission was granted and the spirit indicated that the age of that manifestation, in present day, was at three years of age. The client was back with the family, it was cracker night and the family had gone out and was at a bonfire when the first asthma attack took place.

This bonfire had been the trigger to the internal sleeper being activated at the stress point, that being the lungs.

A mother stated that her ten-year-old daughter had been bleeding from the bowels and has had stomach problems since birth and cannot hold down any food other than potatoes and rice. She stated that doctors do not know what the problem is, and over the years, she has had her daughter on certain medication to try and assist her to hold food down.

The mother said that she has taken her daughter to many specialists and that they want to operate on her to find out why she was bleeding and can't hold down the food.

After gaining permission from her spirit to access the cause of this effect, I then accessed the T1 and the spirit stated that the cause of the event was back in a past life in the year 1907; and in that past life the ten-year-old girl stated, “I am a male at the age of thirteen. I am a German, a soldier, and there is a war. I have a rifle with a bayonet on it and I have just run someone through with the bayonet in the stomach area.

The guilt and the trauma caused by that event had been locked in and activated, as her spirit was still stuck in time over that event; and as all of creation must enfold space-time back onto its creator, she was experiencing that same pain and suffering that she, in her past, had created--even the potatoes and rice were the rations during the war!

I then had the spirit externalise that event and replace that moment of time.

After checking to see if that event was all cleared, I asked if the body would go through any type of healing crisis and it said, “Yes; slightly over the next twenty-four hours.”

Four days later I rang to see how the client was and I was told that she went out that afternoon and bought some yogurt for the first time and, a few days later, had some chocolate and that within two days the bleeding had stopped.

An associate and friend of mine, a Native American Healer, asked if I would assist him with a client that he had, as he had been working with this client for a while and could not get to the bottom of this client's problem. The client was constantly setting himself up with self-punishment; this had been going on for years and no matter what the client had tried to do, it would end up in self-sabotage to himself.

We set-up a meeting and the client gave permission for me to address his issue. It didn't take long and the spirit was indicating that he had sadness and rage on-line as two major emotions trapped within from the past belonging to the client's spirit.

As I had the spirit relive this trauma, he stated that he was an Aboriginal and that the whole community had been rounded-up and was forced to live on a cattle station; there was little food and he had asked to go hunting for food for his family. This was granted, but he had to be back in two days, so off he went hunting and arrived back later than expected.

When he arrived back home, his whole family had been slaughtered by the property manager, because they thought he had run off. He broke down as he explained the sadness that he was feeling and, at the same time, was full of rage towards the people that had committed this act; he wanted revenge and because he wanted revenge, he was sent out and isolated from his community.

“It's my fault, it's my fault,” he stated, “If I hadn't been late, they would still be alive.”

As the client looked back over his life, he could see the patterns of sadness and rage that had plagued him all of his life, and was aware of why he was still punishing himself, as his spirit was still stuck back in that cycle known as time. And whenever he had started anything, he couldn't complete it and he never knew why until now.

It is interesting as I have had a number of Aboriginal people go back to relive trauma from the past and some were Spanish soldiers; some were Irish; some were settlers; one was a light-horseman in the last war; and, of course, some were also Aboriginals in the past.

This client came and stated that his son wakes up in the middle of the night; afraid because there is something in the room. He told him, don't be silly because there is nothing there, so he jumped into his bed to give him some security and, the next minute, he felt something touch him on the shoulder; he nearly freaked out and since then he has felt it around the house a number of times and would like to get rid of it.

I then asked if I could use his body to call it through and find out why it's hanging around? He looked at me quite startled. I knew what he was thinking and I stated, “It's all right, I know what I am doing.” So he agreed.

After obtaining permission from the man and his spirit, I then asked his spirit, “Is this invader force linked to the boy?” The answer was, “No.” I then asked, “Was it linked to the man?” The answer was, “No.” I then asked, “Is it linked to the house?” The answer was, “No.” Then I asked, “Is it linked to the area?” And finally the answer was, “Yes.”

I then asked, “How far back in time was it linked to the area?” The mans spirit, speaking out of him, indicated it was 150 years ago.

I then called the spirit to surface and the next thing the spirit, through the man, was sobbing its heart out and attempting to say, “I ... I ... I ... I'm, I'm Sorry, I ... I ... I ... I'm Sorry.” It must have taken five minutes for this spirit to say, “I'm sorry,” and then another five minutes to say, “It was my fault, it was my fault.”

“What was your fault?” I asked.

“I wasn't careful with the lantern and the house burnt down and my two children burnt to death, it was my fault, it was my fault,” came the reply.

I then explained all that has happened now, has happened before, and all that is happening now will happen again in the future. If you could change the past, so you change the outcome in the future, how would you change it?

The spirit then stated, “I would be more careful with the lantern and then the fire would never happen, then I could spend that time with my children, in the future.”

So I assisted the spirit to enfold space-time and change that dimension of time, and then released that spirit from its trauma.

This is how Holographic kinetics can access the hologram of time and enfold space time upon any created dimension.

I have found over the thousands of cases I have attended that a spirit can become stuck in a trauma for thousands of years--it is as if that trauma has just happened. Then, on the other hand, are we traveling back through time to that moment of that created reality, which has become stuck in a moment of time?

As there are three dimensions of time a past a present and a future, if you in the present change the past, you instantly change the future as time will loop itself upon that dimension and that dimension will cease to exist in the future from that moment on.

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