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Student Testimonials



Had a good result with Sam the boy from Wales yesterday, released the spirit from his field.  His mother sent me a message 2 hours later from their car, Sam turned to her and said Jerry is gone.

Session was short with many attempted interferences beforehand. Their car failed twice on the journey to London which had never happened before, it took more than half an hour talking to Sam alone to get his intention for the session, he tried many distractions such as I like Jerry, I thought I was here for anger management, I don’t mind going to prison etc! I will write it up.

I felt tested with this, it was a good experience, thank you Steve


Barb Loveless 🥰


Wonderful sharing Ariella, I just would also like to add to anyone close to the vicinity of Vancouver that this is such a rare opportunity to be alone to repeat the HK course with Steve & Lisa. At present I’m unable to financially handle the LA class and I’m booked with a visit from family that was committed last spring with non-refundable tickets otherwise I’d be in the Vancouver course also. I’m always amazed as to what unfolds for me personally when I repeat a course. It’s been a steady progression for me and an actual lifesaver as well for which I’m eternally grateful to Steve for sharing this knowledge with us. I’ve benefited both with tremendous growth in addition to the many clearing benefits one receives when repeating the course. 

I’m looking forward to our next schedule practice group, best wishes to all who may be able to repeat in Vancouver next month. 

Barb Loveless 🥰


8th June 2019

This is my second testimonial and I have to say, I just can’t get enough of Holographic Kinetics!

I’ve suffered from asthma and eczema since birth and tinea since early high school. All 3, no matter what meditations, puffers, creams would always return. After one session with Ivo they are gone and two internally created entities were removed. Each day is so much more comfortable now!

I’ve also had a gall stone since I was 8yrs old. It was 5.5mm in diameter then and grew to 1.1cm in diameter by last year. I was never fond of the idea of getting my gall bladder removed so I asked Ivo to help. Ivo managed to heal the underlying cause which was my anger issues with my father (in Chinese medicine anger is known to be stored in the liver and gall bladder) and low and behold my gall stone dissolved on its own!

I can’t state enough how grateful I am.... Thank you Ivo! (and Steve)

Best regards


Donna Cerame


Wanted to share this text message I received yesterday from a client I worked with on Thursday, 12/13. 


Lisa Marie (yep - that’s her name :))) first came for a session 2-1/2 years ago. She’s had four sessions since, spread out as issues arose. Her first session was to address agoraphobia and a fear of flying so she could attend her closest friend’s wedding which required she travel by plane. She also wanted to address her drinking problem. After her session, I didn’t hear from her for a year. (She is the person I told you and Lisa about who, after clearing her grandmother, called the following day to see if she could ‘get her back’ as she missed her.) One year later, I received a text message telling me how she’d been traveling a lot since her session and was no longer having panic attacks. Other issues emerged and we worked together several times in the past 18 months.


Lisa Marie contacted me this past week after losing a close friend to a drug overdose several weeks ago. This event triggered disabling panic attacks which have caused her to be unable to work . We scheduled this Thursday. 


In her session, Lisa cleared the spirit of a mother in a past life whom she’d killed in a fit of rage (she’s had a very difficult relationship with a mentally unstable mother in this lifetime), the spirit of child a friend had murdered and she’d helped to cover up, and the dimension where she’d raped someone to feel powerful. Her testimony below is the result of her intention to finally go to those dimensions where the issues were set up. (We’d addressed some of these issues before but with my continued growth and depth of understanding, as well as her own, the results are evidenced here.)


This client is a social worker and sees a therapist herself. In the 15 years she herself has been a counselor, and in the 22 years she herself has been in therapy, she said she has never been able to get even close to the causes of her misery. She has stated she plans on studying HK in the near future and will be telling her counselors and peers about this work.


Thank you Steve, (and Lisa) for the privilege to work in this capacity. With each session, I am humbled by the work we all do with our Spirits. I cannot imagine ‘not’ doing this and you have made this possible.


With my most heartfelt appreciation,



Hi Ivo


Just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate the HK session and let you know how things are going . Definitely still feel much lighter and calmer like I'm watching myself from the inside ! Still enjoying some sweet food but don't have those intense cravings.My health is improving, blood tests have shown the liver enzymes are reducing and i am reducing the medication . I even heard myself telling my sister law, after a chat about my mum, that i had a new mum that who really cared about how i felt, there was no upset feelings afterwards .So again thanks so much Ivo , HK would be so beneficial to many people!!  

kind regards Jo Underwood



I took Aidan to Donna yesterday and he did awesome on the table. :). Donna was amazing in conducting the session and I will keep both you and Donna updated on any changes.  Many of the dimensions addressed I could totally relate to as to how things were playing out here at home.  Thank You again for teaching this amazing healing modality.

 Much Love,



ust a very small sample of testimonials from some of our students of recent courses :

“This course has easily surpassed all of my expectations, the value for money is amazing, second to none” Mic. MC Glasshouse Mountains QLD

“The value for money this course offers is incomparable, I will always be grateful for the opportunity” Ryan Rockhampton QLD”

“ This is the course to do if you want to step out of your limitations and step into your possibilities” Yasmin .R Brisbane QLD

“This Course is the key to healing, easily accessible tools people can use on themselves and others. Absolute value for money”

Martin. W  Brisbane QLD

“The exchange for knowledge and value for money is priceless” Marina. P QLD

“The HK training experience in Jersey City was trans-formative. Your talk on our Wednesday noon, where you shared your insights from aborigines and down through today, validated the time I have spent researching (when few around me understand this) and connected several dots for me.

That it was a well spent 7 days is an understatement.” Thomas.G NJ. USA


“ Thank you Steve and Lisa this was a beautiful, powerful and amazing course.” Edward. M Adelaide S.A


“totally life changing - i have always said "integrity is everything" and in my experience of healing, Steve and Lisa set the bar in this regard”

Tom. S Adelaide S.A


“What a wonderful experience! A big huge thank you to all!
I am feeling so free and connected to spirit.
The manuals are full of interesting information and are a great support.
It's all coming together as Steve and Lisa said it would. Yipee! 
Much love to all.
Loving HK!
Vistara B Perth WA

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