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Violence and Anger

Man through the act of his thoughts captured energy as inverted electro magnetic energy flux, this becomes trapped energy forming potential energy, as this potential energy becomes trapped, under universal laws it seeks its equal opposite, as balance lies between the two and as it seeks its equal opposite it becomes explosive energy in the form of violence, anger and in many other ways.
Cause is the invisible potential energy, effect is the visible explosive energy, our external controlled health system looks at the end product of effect and usually masks it to a deeper level with medication.
We must understand the internal invisible world of spirit as it can access the cause of the effect of the potential energy, once defused at its creation it comes back into balance and the violence and anger ceases to be.
I worked on a client that had been in the prison system most of his life, due to violence and aggression. The spirit of this man indicated that the cause was at the age of two, so we accessed back to that moment of time. His spirit expressed out of his body, that as a young boy, both his parents were alcoholics and drug addicts, and it relived how he knew nothing but anger and violence as a part of his young life. As that was all he knew, this had become a life form and had moved through the cycles of time as a hologram of that past, into the present and would have continued into the future, until that dimension of time was enfolded upon itself and where it no longer has an effect on the future cycles of time. I had his spirit enfold space/time upon that dimension of reality and change that dimension of time from ever existing for the next cycle of time.
When we had finished with that session, I was stunned at how humble this man was, he had swung from one extreme to its equal opposite, a natural part of law.
I have had hundreds of clients suffering from anger and violence and it is always the same when one suppresses by internalizing it must swing to its equal opposite to find release for its balance.
Only the spirit of the client knows how, when, where and why an internally created reality was created. This can be defused usually within one hour !
Psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists psychotherapist and other practitioners access soul memories, they are the external memories after they have occurred.
The spirit is the Life force, it has the internal emotions and reproduces the traumas, that may have been created thousands of years ago and has set you up through the cycles of time to either relive what you are holding on to or to re-experience the opposite, so you will understand what you have created.
An example is how a victim will become a perpetrator so he may experience the balance of that which he is holding on too.
The perpetrator often becomes the victim to experience what it was like for the creation that he created for his victim. Each dimension is a cycle of time and can continue for thousands of years, until it has been released or enfolded upon itself, so it doesn't exist in the first place. Therefore some people will be a continual victim through the cycles of time and others will go from victim to perpetrator, cycling back and forth swapping roles through that.


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