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Locking in Energy

This client was about 17 stone and had done everything to try to lose weight, with no luck, and wanted to know if there was a program there stopping her from losing weight.

As I got permission from her spirit she is reliving an event at 2 to 3 years old, playing with her 6 year old brother, been a typical boy her brother opens the door of the family car and hops in. The client crawls in with her brother; he is behind the wheel pretending to drive, when he reaches down and lets the hand brake off. The car starts to roll down the drive, across the road and crashes into a tree. Every body is running up, yelling and screaming, "Look at the car, look what you have done to the car, "as they dragged her out.

The next moment she brakes down hysterically, "nobody cares how I felt, nobody cares how I felt". The points [STO] I was holding at the back of the head, which is part of Holographic Kinetics, were still hot. This indicated there was more still to come, we continued and she relived being sent to her room and not allowed out until dinnertime. She is then at the table having dinner and being spoon fed when as reliving this event said these words," when people feed me they care".

The heat was still there, there was still more to come, so I kept holding those points, waiting as the crystal externalized more energy, transmuting through to memory,

I'm now 4 years old and it's my friend's birthday. She has invited me to her party, we are now sitting around the table, there is lots of food, her mother pats me on the head, and she is patronizing me because I'm fat. People patronize you when you're fat, people care! She stated.

We then externalized the potential energy involving this issue using Holographic Kinetics and replaced those events, preventing them from recurring within her future.

As you can see with this 3 year old. She is in the car when it crashes into the tree, being an innocent accessory to the crime, and seeing everyone running and yelling as a little girl she would have been quite scared. Then they drag her out of the car, not taking any notice of how she is feeling. She creates an imbalance of her kinetic flow of energy. This creates potential energy, with the memory "no one cares how I felt" When the universal law of equilibrium was activated, as like attracts like, yet all things are seeking there equal opposite and in her minds created reality, the equal opposite was "wanting someone to care.' So she is brought down for dinner, they feed her and in that child's mind, relate the fact that they care when they feed her. Then at the age of 4 this program in her mind is justified, and reinforced as her girl friends mum at the birthday party patronizes her.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN once said: “They that will not be counseled can not be helped."


I was on the way down the coast to do a seminar, when a friend rang me and asked if I would call in and see a couple of friends of hers, as the women is suffering from asthma and anorexia.

As I love new input, whenever I am on the road, going to a new area or a new town, meeting new interesting people, I find it is all new input and it charges you up.

This couple lived on an isolated property, I arrived and we all got on like old friends, the wife was very thin, as she was suffering from anorexia and asthma, which over the last couple of years had become worse.

I started by using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS and asking the body and the spirit for permission to access the crystal containing the potential energy, linking the cause to the effect of the eating disorder. Permission was granted, I then proceeded to hold the STO points [between the sternocleidomastoideus and trapezius, below the occiput near GB20] which started heating up, a sign that the crystal containing the potential energy, was starting to be released, this would transmute through to memory stored within it.

The next moment the client broke down crying, as she was reliving an event that had occurred, just after they had been married.

As she was married for the second time and wanting to be a good wife. She had taken on a ready-made family and there was a lot of conflict going on with their rejection of her, by the father’s children. Not wanting to say anything to upset her new husband, she had internalized the emotion and other feelings she was going through, creating these issues.

Although the children had all grown up since then, and had left home, to fend for themselves, the client had never released the potential energy that had been trapped within, creating a crystal that had locked itself within the lung area of the body.

I then had the client externalize all the potential energy that had been trapped over time, as the cause to the effect. Which were the asthma and the eating disorder. In this case the spirit went to the same cause over both effects. This is rare, but like everything else in this wonderful creation, it is unique to the minds created universe, as every case is so different, I have yet to find two cases the same, it just doesn't happen, as every case is individually unique.

That is the difference with HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS, it assists you the client to access your own created universal cause to effect, that has been created by the universal dimensional mind of the individual.

There are of course external influences that can have an effect, such as a depletion of certain nutrients, allergies, toxins, bacteria, radiation, accidents etc.

Even these I believe will only effect the body when the body has an imbalance in it, which then allows a cause to an effect to take place.

I was not at all surprised to find the client bubbling over with excitement, when I called in four weeks later as she explained that she had put on over 10 kilos and had not had one asthma attack in the last four weeks, since she had cleared her issues, which for her was unusual.

It was a year later and I called in to see that client again, and she was doing fine, she had gained weight and was felling good, as the asthma, seemed to have cleared up.

Another happy client!



The father of this young man contacted me to see if I could help his son as his son had been in prison for drug offences and when he was out the first thing he did was to try and hide from life within the drugs.

I told the father that unless his son makes the free will choice to come and see me for a session then there is nothing I could do.

A couple of days later the father rang to say that his son had agreed to have a session with me.

When the son arrived I could feel his low energy for life, he didn't want to be alive. We had the intent between him and his spirit so we started to find the major issue effecting the running of that body in present day.

As we held points of the body that trigger off memory, his Spirit indicated that the cause of the effect of him first taking the drugs was at the age of fifteen.

This was when his grandmother and Australian Aboriginal whom he idealized. His grandmother was 80 years old, she had reverted back to the age of 8 years old and in his presence was reliving her trauma of been whipped constantly by white people for talking her native language as back in those days it was not allowed as they had to speak English not their native language.

As a fifteen year old he felt he could do nothing to assist his grandmother and felt useless. This had then triggered a sleeper from his own past.

The sleeper is an event that has been created and is laying dormant all it needs is a trigger to bring it into present day. Once activated that internally created dimension of reality becomes alive and active as if it had just happened in present day the only thing is that the person is not aware of what it is that has been triggered off. They are stuck in the emotions of that creation not knowing what or why they feel the way they do. The sleeper with this client was as follows.

The client was reliving been on a beach with all of his extended family he was an Australian Aboriginal and boats arrived upon the beach with lots of white people in them. The white people in the boats started shooting at them they all ran off into the bush and were chased by these white people and he could here lots of shooting as he lay in hiding. When the noise stopped he came out of hiding and found all his family had been shot. This made him feel scared and useless as he could do nothing for them.

The sleeper of this event had been triggered off by the act of feeling useless when his grandmother had reverted back in front of him to the age of 8 years old, making him feel useless and triggering off him feeling useless in his past that had never been defused. Until we had him change that creation.

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