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Reciprocal Exchange of Energy

I have an Ex Viet vet been seen Psychiatrists for the voices and manipulation that has been going on since the war.

I get him on the table, the Spirit indicates that we have another spirit trapped in the field, I call it up and this Vietcong starts talking out of the body in Vietnamese, I command it to use the vocal cords of this being and talk to be me out of the body in English. I then ask why have you invaded the body and it tells me, "He came into his village Mi Ling and shot his wife and son, he then turned the gun on him and shot him".

The spirit then commented, "I felt no fear, but instant anger, bitterness and wanted to destroy this man for what he did".

As the soldier had invaded a country of another, the village of another, then the family unit of another then the Taurus field of another, and as there was no fear by the Vietcong that then made the soldier a co-creator to the internal created universe of the Viet Cong, and as the Viet Cong was the creator of that instant internal creation. Then under universal laws it gave the creator the rights to any co-creator of his created game. That gave the spirit of the dead Viet Cong the rights to take over his body, thus 30 years of mental turmoil.

I then bought up the Viet Cong Spirit and had it agree to go back through time and change that created event from ever happening on future cycles, this was done and I then had the ex Viet vet go back to the past and change what he did, so that violation of LORE would not be activated in the future cycles of time. This was agreed upon by both parties and the spirit was released.

For the first time in over 30 years peace within the mind.

How many tormented men, of similar circumstances are all around your country?

I have cleared dozens from their mental torment, I have even found that the anthrax injection given to these soldiers opens wormholes to other dimensions and also lets animal spirits in and you get tourette's syndrome, soldiers barking like a dog, once the animal spirit is removed the tourette's ceases to be, I know of cases where ex soldiers have committed suicide as the military psychiatrists have told them that there is nothing they can do for them and they are put out to pasture, like the rest of the cattle, believing nothing can be done so they end up committing suicide.

Other dimensions set up wars to open doors and take over bodies, why do you think in Bosnia they would shoot the mother and father in front of the children. The trauma allowed them access to take over that body.

Why back in the days of the inquisition do you thing that they tortured their victims into a confession, before killing them, again it gave them the rights under universal law once they had the agreement of the being to take over the soul in future cycles, little do they realize the consequences of their action under the laws of LORE

How many Viet Vets do you have still suffering mental turmoil of the mind

Starting to get the picture?

This client had a number of issues on line the major priority was sexual abuse, which started at the age of 4 by a relation and continued until she said no at the age of eleven. As the starting of this sexual abuse was the under the age of 7 it meant a sleeper from the past had been activated.

On accessing her past life to find out what the sleeper was the client went back and was reliving a past life as a male. In that past life he and had just stabbed a prostitute to death, on asking why did she kill the prostitute. The client stated from that last life perspective that she the prostitute was filthy, dirty and evil because of what she was doing.

I then asked where did that suggestion come from that she was dirty and evil.

The client still commenting on behalf of the male body that she had in the past that it was the church that told him that these people are dirty and evil so therefore he decided to kill her.

I then asked when did this issue get locked in and spirit indicated at 4 years old, I then asked spirit what occurred at four and it stated that his grandfather was sexually abusing him at 4.

We then had that creation change from occurring in the past, preventing it from occurring in the future. We then came into present day to look at all the events that have been set up to feed this creation. In present day the client felt ashamed and embarrassed as she was raped at the age of 17 and stabbed all over and she had physical scares all over her chest and stomach from the stabbing.

I then sent the client back to see and recognize the spirit of the prostitute from the past. When that was done, I then had the spirit recognize the spirit of the man that raped and stabbed her in this life .

"Oh My God, It's the same spirit!" she said.

Man cannot escape the cycles of life all that he puts out must do 360 degrees back to its creator, for this is the universal law of compensation to bring all created imbalance back into balance and is known as Karma. If you put out anger it must do 360 degrees back to you as that anger was your creation and no one else's and the only way you will ever understand your creation is to experience that which you created.

And as this client in the past had stabbed another, it had to learn by that creation for that cycle to be completed.

A client who has had me work on himself, his wife and lots of other friends with good results, was talking to one of his neighbours who was off work on trauma leave, he was an Ambulance officer and was attacked at 80KPH by a passenger who was an Aboriginal whom they had picked up for a suspected drug overdose. The next minute while he was heading down the highway driving the ambulance he was attacked, totally traumatized by the event, and he was now on sick leave.

The client, who had become a friend over the years, suggested that his neighbour come down to see me, as I may be able to help him.

The neighbour agreed and they turned up explaining the event that had caused the trauma. He said that he had never been afraid of the dark, but he was now petrified to go out at night and that he always had this pain in the back, but since that event had occurred his back had been killing him, even the pain killers didn't seem to work.

I had the client and the SPIRIT of the client give me permission to access the original cause of this event, this is given.

I thought we would go back to the event of the trauma whilst driving down the highway, I was wrong his SPIRIT had accessed a past life event, the next moment this is what occurred.

The client in a shocked voice states, “Oh my god! Oh no, I'm in a party and were shooting Aborigines!”

I then tell him to continue, what's happening now?

"There are more than we thought, they are coming towards us, I have turned and am running away, aaaaaah!"

With this gurgling scream, and at the same time his body lurches foreword, in a back bend on the table, "my back! my back!" he yells.

What has happened? I asked

"As I was running away I was speared in the back, its killing me, by back's killing me, and I died."

I then had the client externalize that dimension of time, of the trauma locked into his back area,

When the client sat up the pain in his back was gone and he was a lot more relaxed than when he arrived.

I advised the client to book in for a full session, as I was aware that as he was killing Aboriginals in the past, a spirit of one of those Aboriginals killed by him in the past had activated reciprocal exchange of energy, one of the laws of LORE and had moved into his body.

The Aboriginal had a right to be here because this man in the past had destroyed his vehicle [body] therefore he had a right to take over his vehicle [body] Because the Aboriginal in the ambulance had been on drugs, that had allowed his defenses to be down and in turn allowed this Aboriginal spirit to transfer into the aboriginal in the Ambulance and use his body to attack the driver, this is quite common, when a spirit has an unresolved issue with its host,.this allowed that dimension to be active and using the body of that aboriginal man in present day, the spirit from the past was able to attack his attacker in present day.

The ambulance driver stated, "no I feel fine, I'll be right, the pains gone"

I believe he will be attacked again, as there is an unresolved issue, between both spirits and the dimension of time has never been cleared, sometimes people never learn, the ego thinks it knows better.

I was called in by an Insurance company, as I had successfully cleared a friend of theirs that was having trouble with illness due to the business, this Insurance company was having their staff in the office getting sick all the time and they had no Idea why, It didn't take long to find as their were massive microwaves coming out from behind the wall up to 4 meters away, and the staff were within one meter from the wall, so they decided to move.

Three months later I get a call from them that the staff are doing things out of character and they don't know why, I check out the building for microwaves, electric fields, electro magnetic fields and they all show OK.

I then ask if it would be alright if I walked through the building and feel the energy, permission was granted

I asked my Spirit to let me feel what we are dealing with , I then proceeded to check out the top floor we were on and could not feel anything unusual, I then walked down stairs to the lower level and all of a sudden I could feel a wormhole to another dimension. I stepped back couldn't feel it, stepped forward and again I could feel it, I did this three or four times, so I then stepped into that dimension, boy could I feel heaps of energy in the form of spirits and entities.

I then asked, “ what was this building before you bought it, was this the local morgue?”

The owners looked at each other and had a chuckle then replied, “No this was the local brothel”.

What had happened the tenants had moved out but not the spirits and entities that had come along for the free ride, so I borrowed one of their staff and surrogated them all into her, then I read them the riot act and removed them all, I then made sure the staff member was clear and only her spirit was in her body.

A week later I was told that the staff are all back to normal and that the energy in the whole building had changed for the better.

Another successful day at the office!


I had cleared this client of a number of issues and she was feeling great so she decided to do my course.

About 6 months later, at 3 am on Christmas morning her brother phoned and said something big had surfaced, and taken over her body, it was big and was swearing and her body was being thrown around the room and she had walked out.

I asked him, to try and track her down and put her on the phone, as at times I have cleared people over the phone.

About an hour later I received a phone call and it was from the brother and was at the bus terminal, he put her on the phone and I could hear this thing it was powerful and had total control, I asked her to get down to me as soon as possible.

When she arrived this thing was surfacing about every 30 seconds, it was telling me where to go and at the same time throwing her body into spasms.

I started to work on her and what transpired was that Christmas morning had triggered off family issues from Christmas two years ago, this in turn had acted as a sleeper and activated a dimension of time from two life times ago, linking family issues—this is what occurred!

The client's Spirit had indicated that this event occurred two life times ago and that it was an arranged marriage, she states! “I wanted to marry someone else and I had to marry him-- I hated him so I am having it off with all the farm hands and rubbing it in to him, he has me down by the creek and he is so jealous that he is bashing me, I couldn't care less, and I hate him.”

She commented, “While he was bashing me, I pulled out a knife and stabbed him! And he died”

As I was aware of reciprocal exchange of energy, that means under LORE if you take the life of another then that Spirit has the right to enter and take over your body, as you have been responsible for the death of his body. [I find this is what occurs in war; they end up taking the enemy home in the body of its soldiers, thus the mental torment]

then asked the client's Spirit had his spirit entered at his death and her Spirit answered “YES”!

I then called the invading spirit to the surface and asked, “Why did you enter this being and the spirit in her answered, “I hate her for not loving me, I want to punish her for not loving me!”

I then explained--that every thing happening now has happened before [this is known as Dejavu] and every thing happening now will happen in the future cycle of time---You don't want the same thing to happen again do you? The spirit stated “NO!”

So I had him enfold space/time back to his trauma and change that dimension of time, I then had the client do the same thing, so both had integrated to change the past for the future. I then asked the invading spirit, if it was ready to move on and it stated in a very aggressive manner “No, I want her to suffer, for not loving me.” Whoops!

This was the first time after enfolding space time upon a dimension that the other invading Spirit had refused to want to leave. Where do I go from hear, I thought, as you cannot take out a Spirit like you can an entity, when we are dealing with reciprocal exchange of energy.

Then all of a sudden I felt my spirit, say “take her back in time and change that dimension of time so he doesn't even exist in her dimension of reality” So I did!

I had the client go back in time and totally change that dimension so he never even existed in that reality and she chose to marry the person she wanted and lived in a different community and we locked in that new reality.

Now I brought the invading spirit to the surface and it had two choices--choice one, to become stuck in his anger and trauma earth bound or choice two, change his reality for a better future and be released as a free spirit. When he realized that there was no way back into that dimension in past, present, or future, he chose to move on as a free spirit

The client sat up and commented, "That feels better, boy was he a nuisance. I felt so embarrassed when I was coming down on the bus, it was swearing at other passengers and I had to grab a plane and fly down, it was so embarrassing... boy am I glad he has gone."

Two years later and that client is still clear and is now one of my best Aboriginal students at clearing inter-dimensional forces.

Reciprocal exchange of energy means if you are responsible for the death of a human or animal, then under lore, because you destroyed its vehicle [body], then it has the rights to take your body [vehicle]. At times we have people barking like a dog, as they have a spirit of a dog, look at the case study section on animal spirits, especially the spirit of the bear, and the spirit of the kangaroo. We also have cleared a number of soldiers that have had the spirits of the people they killed creating mental torment, we have spirits of Viet Cong talking out of the body of the ex soldiers, we have had police officers that have attended suicides and felt sorry for the victim and the spirits have jumped into them.

We also have thought forms that become life forms that can become active as tourette's.

Every case is unique and the clients spirit knows, how, where, when and why every created reality was created, therefore we never know what the outcome of any case is going to be, until we have cleared it and not all cases are ready to be cleared.

This client came to me and was embarrassed, as he had a compulsive disorder of attempting to mutilate his genitals. How I asked? he said, “at times I put elastic bands around them or tie them off, other times I bash or stab them and I don't know why".

I then asked for permission to work on all levels, then accessed his spirit. The client's spirit indicated that the cause was back hundreds of years ago in a past life, so I commanded his spirit to enfold space time back to that moment of time, the next thing the spirit talking out of the body states!

After we raided villages, the young boys were bought to us and given a choice, join the church or be killed. I am a high priest and it is an honor for the young boys to join the priest hood or they will be killed. My job is to castrate all the young boys that join as part of an initiation ritual, we don't want the lower class breeding in the future.

I then asked? How many of the young boys died from the castration, the client spirit answered, “Hundreds”.

I then asked his spirit, “how many of the spirits of the boys that died have been trapped in your energy field” over a hundred was his comment!

I then called all the spirits that were trapped in this clients field through reciprocal exchange of energy to surface, the next moment some where screaming in pain and bashing at the genitals saying "No, No, No, they have no right in doing this to us! These spirits were trapped in the field of this client and that dimension of time had been accessed and the spirits within that dimension were going through their pain as if it just happened a minute ago.

I then had all the spirits collectively and independently enfold space/time back to the cause of their individual trauma--within their individual dimensions of time and externalize that trauma--then I had all the spirits go back to their own dimension of time and change the past for the future cycles of time, so this never exists in their future reality--then I had all the spirits that were prepared to be released from been earth bound move on.

Only about half moved on at first. I then had to deal with multi-dimensions of dimensions to clear other spirits that were trapped in the field of some of those other spirits, eventually we cleared all the spirits that were stuck in their trauma around the genital area and were reliving their trauma through the body of this client, until cleared, creating the compulsive disorder of genital mutilation.

When a wormhole to another dimension is open it is a continuation of any trauma that is locked in, usually this occurs around the moment of death, so once that dimension becomes active in the present, those spirits will be still reliving that trauma around their death.

To trigger that dimension off in present day, it could be accidentally knocking his genitals, see an animal castrated watching a movie about the past or many other triggers could activate that dimension of reality.

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