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Spirit/Soul Stuck in Time

This 65 yr. old client broke down crying and stated, that she was afraid she might hurt her grandchildren and then she explained, that when her daughter was 3 months old, she use to hold her against her tightly and it was a struggling as this compulsion to throw her daughter into a fire came over her. This occurred whenever she would see an open fire.

This went on for several months and she wandered weather she would do the same thing to her grandchildren, whom she loved dearly.

On using Holographic Kinetics to communicate to the spirit of the client and accessing permission from her spirit to work with it on this issue, it indicated yes.

He spirit stated that this issue was linked to a past life event.

On accessing that past life, the client was back several hundred years ago and was a herbalist.

Because the client in her past life was a herbalist and anyone that dabbled into herbs was accused of being a witch and she was sentenced to be burned at the stake with her daughter.

The client was reliving that past life event and saw how her 3-month-old child was strapped to her stomach and she and the child were burned to death.

As she was been burned at the stake all she could think of was trying to throw the baby in the fire, so she wouldn't have to suffer a slow agonizing death.

All she wanted for her daughter was to get it over, as fast as possible.

This trauma was the last created memory locked into the spirit at her death and when her daughter was 3 months, old it triggered off what I call a sleeper.

A sleeper is a created internal dimension that lays dormant [asleep] until an event linking it to the past occurs that then awakens the wormhole to that internal dimension in present day, and the trauma of that created internal dimension will keep surfacing with its created trauma until it is cleared or released, by enfolding space time upon that dimension.

That's what had occurred when her child was 3 months olds, it activated the wormhole to that dimension of reality.

This would have been a real struggle for her, not being aware of why that urge had surfaced.

As the client saw and relived that past life event, we had spirit externalise that event at its creation and replace that moment, in its own dimension of time with a new acceptable event, preventing that cause from ever manifesting as an effect in future cycles of time.

A year later the client came to me for another separate issue and stated that since that original session she has had no more problems around fires or with the grandchildren, this dimension had been cleared!

The mother of this child stated that the child wakes up screaming some nights, other times his body jumps and twitches uncontrollably. The mother wants to know if there is anything I could do to help.

My comment was first I clear the mother and with mothers permission I surrogate the spirit of the child into the mother and find out through the mothers body while the spirit is communicating out of it what the cause of that effect is.

Permission was granted all round by all parties involved and the next moment the spirit of the child is expressing its trauma of the event through the body of the mother and she states:-

I'm driving a train in England it a one way track, oh my god. There is a train coming the other way on the same track, the spirit starts to panic as it tries to stop the train, its too late and the train has a head on collision and the driver, his 4 year old son and lots of other children are killed.

The trauma of that event was still stuck with the spirit and it had set it up as a sleeper in this life time.

The 3 year old was still trying to stop the train as he slept and relived that same trauma over and over through the cycles of time until we cleared that issue .

A week later the mother states that the child is sleeping more peacefully at night than ever before.

Re-incarnation exists. Man will keep coming back through the cycles known as time, as he chooses to hang onto those experience, which he creates, for that is the only way any creation can find its balance, once that imbalance has been rectified, that lesson ceases to be

I have heard of psychiatrists giving children as young as 4 years old electric shock treatment because they are remembering things from a past that they claim doesn't exist--- who really has the problem?

If man violate's LORE there will be consequences for him in his future cycles of time

It was a year later when I was back on the road doing more seminars and assisting clients from clearing blockages, that they had been trapped into through time, when the same client involved with the case mentioned under Deviant acts came to me, with his wrist and arm twisted into this paralyzed state, I asked how has that issue been that we dealt with a year ago, the deviant entity.

Clients comment, 'Oh great, haven't had an problem in that area since, but about six weeks ago my right wrist and elbow stated to lock up into this twisted position, I'm a painter and I haven't been able to do any work for about six weeks, and I feel a little embarrassed saying this, but I've had this strong urge to keep picking my nose and I don't know why, it is quite embarrassing, do you think you can help!'

My comment was "no problem lets see what we are dealing with."

The client then laid down on the table as I proceeded in getting the permission with all dimensions of the body to work on this issue.

After an agreement to work on this issue was granted, his SPIRIT entered into internal hyperspace, where we went back to the cause of the effect.

The client relives two lifetimes back, he was in a hospital and had just been born, there were two nurses, one nurse looked at the other nurse and commented," the poor little spastic his mother has just died giving birth."

I then had him look at the emotions of energy imbalance that had been trapped, as we accessed the crystal of potential energy, the client started to feel the feeling of guilt surfacing and saw how he had taken on the guilt at his birth, and blaming himself for causing his mother's death. he had recently gone through an event with his wife that had triggered off guilt, another cause to surface the effect so this issue could be dealt with and released.

As we externalised that potential energy, the body vibrated into spasms from the head down the spine, as the body unlocked and realigned itself, when we had finished the wrist and the arm had gone back to their normal positions, and were 100% flexible, back to perfect balance.

We then proceeded to find out the cause of the effect of why the compulsion of picking the nose, his SPIRIT went straight back to the same lifetime, only this time it went to the age of fourteen, and the client stated, "I'm very bright, I'm aware of all things, I can get around and do most things,"

Then hysterically he is at that moment in hyper-space back at the same time, same place, same location in that same space, relieving the trauma of that moment back in time, " I can't communicate out of my body and my nose is blocked, my nose is blocked, I just want them to unlock my nose, I just want them to unblock my nose."

I then got the client's spirit to externalise that dimension of time, that it had been trapped in.

The emotions and trauma turned out was locked in the nasal region and as the client externalised that trapped energy within that crystal, he suddenly took a big breath through his nose and stated "my sinus problems, I've had all my life have just disappeared, I can breathe through my nose for the first time".

You can imagine this poor little child just wanting to clear his nose, but he is unable to get his hand to coordinate into that area, and wanting someone to help clear it, not having this done, it then creates an imbalance of potential energy and traps itself into a crystal in the nasal area, this then through time sets up other causes, to activate the manifestation in this life time of sinus problems, being the effect, as we externalise that potential energy and bring it back to balanced Kinetic energy, when, once cleared, that issue no longer exists on or in the time frame of that persons past, present or future.

We have what I classify as the major issue effecting the running of that body today, with this client the major issue that had never been dealt with was the deviate entity that had been around for 2000 years.

Once that issue was dealt with, the next major issue that needed to be dealt with and was having an effect on the body surfaced, and in this case, one year later, that issue was the guilt, transmuting through time and space into the body taking on the spastic form, and as an emotional reactor to that spastic form back in time, was being unable to pick his nose, therefore the wrist and forearm would have been the area under the stress at the time, as the body was trying to get the wrist and forearm to go to the nose so he could clear it, not being able to achieve this he would have created an imbalance with the Kinetic energy, trapping potential energy into a crystal, back in time, within the wrist and forearm area, as energy is captured only through stress, and this would have been the stress area.

Once cleared back at its creation it no longer has an effect on the time line,
back in the past, in the present or in the future.

When you change the past, in the present, you change the future.

This client had been seen doctors on and off for months and was going down hill fast, They had carried out test after test to try to find out what was wrong , they didn't know, so they had her on drugs anyway.

I did a session and the client could see nothing, at first then certain memories started coming through but there was a block . usually drugs and certain medication can block the memories and communication with your spirit, I can override this, but the outcomes are not as effective until I change the frequencies of the drugs.

Spirit indicated that the cause of this effect was at the age of 16 years old. The client could see nothing as she was shut down as she had blocked of and didn't want to see what ever it was.

I dealt with a number of issues that came up but as for the main issue I told spirit to activate it regardless and lent her my book to read.

I also had her booked in to see what may have been affecting her as they seem to think it was some form of toxin.

A few days later the husband told me that she was reading my book and couldn't go passed a particular page, then the next thing she broke down crying as she remembered going to a chiropractor at 16 and he sexually abused her.

A few days later I asked them to come and I'll defuse whatever needs to be looked at, as it may now be ready to surface.

Again the major priority came up at the age of 16, again it took a while and she finally started to relive that event, which resulted in the loss of her innocence. The points continued to heat indicating that there was still something further on line that needed to be looked at. The spirit then indicated out of the body I'm burning , I feel like I'm burning up, the points were hot and she kept repeating, I feel like I'm burning up I then asked spirit where you burned to the stake in past life. [I don't usually ask a leading question to a client as I believe it is up to the client to spot their own creation] although sometimes due to certain medication that is to numb you of your feelings, it is necessary to assist the spirit, by assisting to access the soul.

The next second she broke down crying yes, yes she sobbed, as she started to relive the trauma of being burnt at the stake, I then had her enfold space time upon that created reality and changed that past event from occurring in her future cycles.

The session finished and the client sat up her body no longer hot it was now cold, you could see the physical changes that had just taken place.

I was on the bus about to leave a community when the drug and alcohol Social worker came running up and asked for help, as he had an Aboriginal man attempting to commit suicide. I went with the social worker to the client's house--I got permission from the client to assist--accessed his spirit and it indicated that the cause of his attempted suicide was created at the age of 13

I then had the spirit access the cause of that effect and what it relayed was that this man's parents had died when he was thirteen and it was his customary duty to look after the rest of the family.

This man had just recently found out that his younger brothers and sisters had been sexually abused as children, this meant that he had failed his duty of care to the younger siblings that he was suppose to be taking care of.

As he felt he failed his customary duty, he felt that he didn't deserve to live and therefore wanted to commit suicide. I had him enfold space/time back to 13 yrs old and change the circumstances around his life, so in the next cycle of time his parents live on and he can spend that next cycle of time as a child, without that responsibility of looking after his family, as we were in the middle of changing the past, when all of a sudden a huge entity surfaced in him.

This entity obviously didn't want to see any changes to that dimension as it was yelling obscenities, threatening and bouncing the body all over the place. As I had the rights to work with this client and as the client was now in my field, that gave me the rights to override and deal with this or any other entity that surfaced, so I sent this entity back to the time of its entrapment or entry point. It went back in time and was a Barbarian, full of violence and anger within that dimension of time. He didn't want to leave, but due to a violation of LORE and the fact we had discovered its dimension of entry, the spirit broke all agreements on all levels and we closed off the wormhole to that dimension so he could't get back in. As we don't want him jumping into another victim, he was dealt with and removed.

After this Entity was taken out and over the next couple of weeks his wife stated that she could not believe the changes that had taken place for the better with her husband, as he had gotten off of the alcohol, gotten a job and was a totally changed person for the better.

Another happy client!

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